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Meet Reach RS: field-ready RTK GNSS receiver

(Mikhail) #54

@Andreas_Ortner Thanks! The module we are using is going to be offered in our shop soon.
During our tests we had ground-to-ground communication between the units on a distance of 6 kilometers in suburban area. Should be even farther with line of sight. Of course, the distance very much depends on the environment.

(Rgillinder) #55

Hello, i love the look of the unit, i am curious other than connecting via RTKLIB, is there any plans to connect with a standard data logger? for collecting control points. in RTK mode.

(Igor Vereninov) #56

@HELImetrex Point collection is coming to ReachView, but meanwhile you can use apps like Mobile Topographer Pro on Android.

(Rgillinder) #57

Hi Igor, Thanks for that , i’ll install and see how it goes, also i have a few issues trying to connect via my Galaxy Tab, just wondering if there was any information on Bluetooth connections? i have seen it for the old reach view but not the new one.

(Igor Vereninov) #58

Ray, please create a new topic and we will assist you with the Bluetooth. This thread is dedicated to RS launch :slight_smile:


Teaser pics of a Reach RS pre-production sample which was graciously provided by the fine folks at Emlid:

Hopefully Emlid doesn’t sue me for putting their logo in there, but I was short 1 picture :wink:

edit: more pics here

Sneak peek: Unboxing the new Reach RS

Check this out…

(Austin Hill) #61

@HELImetrex Point collection is coming to ReachView, but meanwhile you can use apps like Mobile Topographer Pro on Android.

That is great news.

Any chance ReachView would then allow custom base maps? I purchased mobile topographer, which is OK, but still lacks some of the features like this that I would really like. I would like to be able to use base maps produced by our reach-equipped drone to be able to serve as higher resolution maps when collecting terrestrial points with an RS. I have been able to make this work with SurvPC on a PC tablet in the past, but was disappointed that it is not, I think, possible in any android app.

(Igor Vereninov) #62

Would a MapBox layer be sufficient for your needs?

(Austin Hill) #63

Yes, as long as it could be used offline?

(Matt Carp) #64

I’m ashamed to say that moving away from the DIY plastic base and rover containers

I ended up making my own small vacuum forming table to make my rover cover!

(Jim) #65

This looks nice. Are the radios compatible with any we are using now ie. 3dr900 or rfd900+ etc.?
Keep up the good work.

(Mikhail) #66

@jmcarthur 3DR\RFD are not compatible with the integrated LoRa radio because of the different modulation LoRa uses, but they still can be used when connected to the USB OTG or RS232 ports.

ReachView beta v2.2.5
(Kaneda Akihiro) #67

Awesome! I’d like to get it ASAP.
Can I use it in Japan ?(Because of Japanese Law about radio waves is quite strict…)

(Rgillinder) #68

Just pre-ordered two of these Reach RS systems, Can’t wait to see them!!

(Igor Vereninov) #69

@Kaneda_Akihiro I believe that 916.7 - 923.5 MHz is allowed in Japan and you can tune the radio in Reach RS to this frequency.

@HELImetrex Thank you for pre-ordering!

(Kaneda Akihiro) #70

Thank you for quick reply!
Unfortunately, we haven’t allowed to use a 900MHz band for ISM.
We can only 2.4GHz band and certification of conformance to technical standards in Japan…It’s non-sence…

But, I’d like to use it by external wifi or BT module which have the Japanese certification.

Thank you!

(Igor Vereninov) #71

@Kaneda_Akihiro I have read in multiple sources that 916.7-923.5 MHz is available
for unlicensed use up to 0.5 W EIRP. Even Softbank mentions on the press-release here, that they will roll out LoRa network in unlicensed 920 MHz band in Japan.

(Kaneda Akihiro) #72

Thank you Igor,
I’m glad to see your good information.
I’ll buy it and try in next April!

(Joey Shea) #73

Can Reach RS act as a base for any dji drone? How accurate?

How does it achieve 50mm vertical accuracy with only L1?

Is there a limit to how many one person can order?