Sneak peek: Unboxing the new Reach RS

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  • This is a pre-production unit, which means the design was not yet finalized, which means that yours will be different in some minor ways.
  • I am not a professional unboxer or photographer, so feel free to ask me for a re-take if need be and I will try to do better :wink:

The shipping box.

The inner boxes.

The box for 1(one) Reach RS unit.

The seal is broken!

Logo carrying case.

Carrying case top.

Carrying case side.

Carrying case back.

The Reach RS unit.

The acessories: 5/8" thread adapter, USB cable, strap for case, LoRa antenna.

Reach RS spun directly onto my camera/video tripod which has been converted for surveying (added the plumb bob // don’t let the string touch the sides of the tube!).

It looks like a slick little unit that is ready to go!


Could you please measure from bottom RS case/mounthole to where the antennna is bent 90deg and or the total antenna lenght? I assume it could be bent. I need to make a stand to fit this point


@TB_RTK The antenna can be bent so that the unit is completely flat on the bottom. For optimal RF performance in that case I would suggest to put the antenna on a cable. All you need is RP-SMA extension cable (rp = reverse polarity).

P.S. Love the northern nature on the picture :evergreen_tree:


Oh darn. I was hoping for some DIY stuff here.
Those Emlid guys are to clever and lightyear ahead of me :flushed:

@igor.vereninov Thanks. We have no problem hiding our gear :relaxed:

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@TB_RTK I know you have your answer already, but here are the clearance pics (looks like about 15mm extra space below the bent antenna. Alternatively, there is plenty of room to screw on on an antenna extension cable like @igor.vereninov recommended.

  • The 5/8" adapter provides extra clearance underneath

  • Being on the corner of the RS, the antenna can swing just over 180 degrees when bent horizontally.

  • There is still enough space to easily fit the USB cable bundle under the antenna

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