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Measuring voltage Servo Rail in mission planner

(Tatiana Andreeva) #64


Please try Marc’s suggestions and inform us about the result.

(Barry Bolton) #65

OK will do :slight_smile:

(Barry Bolton) #66

log_23_2019-5-27-07-06-51.bin (1.1 MB)

(Marc Lebret) #67

Battery2 volt pin parameter is different on your log (2 instead of 1)…


(Barry Bolton) #68

That was after the reset as suggested by Tatiana

(Barry Bolton) #69

Which raspberry pi are you using mark

(Barry Bolton) #70

I just noticed something. I was changing the settings and the voltage reading momentarily jumped to .25 and then went back to zero?

(Marc Lebret) #71

Main (Flying) one is a 3 B+

Spare is a 2 B

Both have good servo rail voltage display (latest Mission planner over W10).

Battery 2 (servo rail) value display in QGroundControl is -1,…