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Measuring voltage Servo Rail in mission planner

(Barry Bolton) #1

Does any one know if Mission planner will be able to measure voltage on the Navio 2 servo rail?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #3

Hi @Barry_Bolton,

It should be possible to configure it as a battery2 voltage value in MP.
You should:

  • set up BATT2_MONITOR to 3:Analog Voltage Only
  • change BATT2_VOLT_PIN to 1:A1
  • configure BATT2_VOLT_MULT parameter to get the correct value of voltage in MP

(Barry Bolton) #4

Thank you Tatiana.

(Barry Bolton) #6

This does not work

(Tatiana Andreeva) #8

Hi Barry,

It’d be great if your post here screenshots explaining where did you face difficulties.

(Barry Bolton) #9

I am facing difficulties in the fact that the settings that you recommended does not work. I will post a sreen shot alter

(Marc Lebret) #10


To help you, I configured mine:


Do not forget to reboot the Navio after entering now settings.

BATT2_VOLT_MULT is from try and set: with coefficient = 1, value was 18.8, 0.266 give me around 5v


If Raspberry is only powered by USB, no power to the servo rail from Bec, battery 2 indicated voltage is around 0.5v.


(Barry Bolton) #11


(Marc Lebret) #12

BATT2_VOLT_PIN parameter is 1 (not A1)

You will have to compute VOLT multiplier (I use 0.266).


(Barry Bolton) #13

according to MP 1 = A1 for pixhawk

(Marc Lebret) #14

2 is for Pixhawk, Navio2,… power module.

(Barry Bolton) #15

If I enter 0.266 MP gives me “bad number”

(Barry Bolton) #16

(Barry Bolton) #17

(Marc Lebret) #18

If you set BATT2_VOLT_MULT it with mission planner, separator is , like 0,266

If you use GCS, separator is . so 0.266


(Barry Bolton) #19

OK entered like that and rebooting …

(Barry Bolton) #20

After reboot it always reverts back to 11.3

(Marc Lebret) #21

Edit the value in the full parameter screen then write it to memory.

(Barry Bolton) #22

(Barry Bolton) #23

Still nothing