Measuring voltage Servo Rail in mission planner

Does any one know if Mission planner will be able to measure voltage on the Navio 2 servo rail?

Hi @Barry_Bolton,

It should be possible to configure it as a battery2 voltage value in MP.
You should:

  • set up BATT2_MONITOR to 3:Analog Voltage Only
  • change BATT2_VOLT_PIN to 1:A1
  • configure BATT2_VOLT_MULT parameter to get the correct value of voltage in MP

Thank you Tatiana.

This does not work

Hi Barry,

It’d be great if your post here screenshots explaining where did you face difficulties.

I am facing difficulties in the fact that the settings that you recommended does not work. I will post a sreen shot alter


To help you, I configured mine:


Do not forget to reboot the Navio after entering now settings.

BATT2_VOLT_MULT is from try and set: with coefficient = 1, value was 18.8, 0.266 give me around 5v


If Raspberry is only powered by USB, no power to the servo rail from Bec, battery 2 indicated voltage is around 0.5v.


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BATT2_VOLT_PIN parameter is 1 (not A1)

You will have to compute VOLT multiplier (I use 0.266).


according to MP 1 = A1 for pixhawk

2 is for Pixhawk, Navio2,… power module.

If I enter 0.266 MP gives me “bad number”


If you set BATT2_VOLT_MULT it with mission planner, separator is , like 0,266

If you use GCS, separator is . so 0.266


OK entered like that and rebooting …

After reboot it always reverts back to 11.3

Edit the value in the full parameter screen then write it to memory.

Still nothing