M2 connection issues

Getting a little tired of the continued issues with our M2.

We have an M2 setup as a base with an external antenna logging for PPK. It is setup connected to wifi, and i know it has internet because i can use it for NTRIP.

However, when i want to access to get the logs i have an issue. I can see the M2 on our network, and i can see it in the Emlid Flow app. But, when i click on it to connect it fails to connect and says "Cant connect to Reach). I had the same behavior when it is in hotspot mode. The last time i had to fix it by reflashing the firmware, meaning i lost all the PPK logs that i needed. Also, i once got connected to it and restarted the device, but then got “502 Bad Gateway - nginx/1.18.0” when connecting through the web browser

Another issue is the time sync. When i reset the firmware and connected to our wifi again, the green light went solid. Then after some time, it starts to flash. Again, i know it has internet access and clear view of the sky for sattelites.

Third issue is downloading logs. It is set to record logs 24/7 and then delete the oldest logs when the storage is full. It says it is recording, but the button to stop recording is red with 0:00. When i click it to stop, it fails and gives an error message. If i refresh the app, the button will be blue with “start recording”

4.5gb of 12.1gb is used, but when i click on “recorded logs and settings” there are no logs.

Firmware is updated to the latest version

This is a device that we rely on for our ppk work flow, but it fails us so many times.

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My biggest fear with the Emlid storage, is hopefully it’s not as bad as MicroSD cards with the constant 24/7 writing. I have handfuls of them over the years from other devices that just get corrupted so easily and no longer work.

Hopefully the internal storage hasn’t become corrupt?

But may very well be something else if lastest firmware and have reflashed.

U might want to spit out FULL system report and send to support@emlid to see if they see anything.

Did u try a different tablet, phone etc?


Hi all,

Just want to update everyone that we’re in touch with @Brocxen via email. I’ll post an update here once we’re done investigating the issues reported. Thank you!

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