RS3 bad gateway

I’ve seen this from day one, but it seemed rather sporadic so assumed it was just down to networking. However today in the field, the RS3 lost fix and refused to get it back (despite all the sigmas being < 2cm). So I turned it off, turned it back on, only now I couldn’t connect to it. Even via the WiFi, when I go straight to the IP in the browser, all I get is a bad gateway from nginx.

Any ideas of what I can do? I’m sure once I leave it off for awhile it will come back up, but this is a really annoying issue, especially when I’m out in the field and trying to get some points and really need to use the IMU. I’ve managed to fall back to the Reach RX today, but it would be good to understand what’s going on.


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This is happening again this morning. I’ve rebooted the unit 3 times now and the same issue.

Hi there,

Just want to leave an update here that the issue was resolved by reflashing the receiver. If you face anything similar, don’t hesitate to create a new thread or write us at

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