Lost Log

Hey all. I’m hoping someone has reached a resolution on this as I have seen others have the same issue but nothing was resolved.

I logged about 8 hours of static data today and went to download the logs from the base. Emlid Flow was showing ‘compressing’ when my helper turned off the base to start loading up.

Once I logged back in there was no record of today’s log.

Any help here? I’d hate to have to run this full job again.

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Hi @ldburton.1975,

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Could you double-check that the receiver is on the latest firmware version (31.3)? To see that, please tap on Settings > Firmware updates. We’ve released some fixes in the most recent version that may help with your difficulty.

Hi Zoltan. Yes, it’s on the current version of the firmware. I managed to get the data, but the rinex processed without the antenna model present. I think it’s just time to upgrade this unit to an RS2. HAHA

I’m glad you got your data! I agree that a new Reach RS2 would always be a good choice, but I believe our older products still do the trick. :slight_smile:
During the survey, Reach antenna type will be added to the RINEX header automatically. So this way, you don’t need to worry about the antenna phase center offset in post-processing. Emlid Studio will apply it on its own. In case you missed setting the antenna height in Emlid Flow, you can still set it in Emlid Studio. Our support tip will help you with that.

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Antenna height was set, and the data looked OK… but there’s something else I’ve noticed on this unit.

The log date is about 4 days behind the current date. Any ideas?

It´s the 27th of September here. I just logged a job and it showed raw data from September 16th.

I was confused as well haha. It never happened to me before as well.

I opened the observations file in Notepad and it shows the correct date. That was a relief for me.

I hope it gets fixed soon. As well as some other things I am experimenting with.

You mean RS3! :smirk:

Well I do now!! Haha

Yes mine did this too. The way I got around it was to start logging, stop after a few seconds, and then start another. It had the correct date on the second log

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That´s a great idea, thank you for your ingenious suggestion :boom:

Hi guys!

Our development team found the bug and released the fix on the 31.6 firmware.
Have you had a chance to update your receiver and check if you see the correct log data now?

We have this also on 31.6 … Any luck it’s fix in 31.7
Does the 31.x a beta version. We never had this issue before 31.x firmware … We are totally disappointed

Our only products for which 31.6 did not solve this problem in all cases were the Reach modules. The 31.7 update addresses this issue. Could you please update your firmware to see if it still persists?