Lora corrections with Reach RS2+ and Reach RS3 do not receive more than 1km

Hello, good morning, we have a client who has problems with the LORA radio connection between the Reach RS2 base station and the REach RS3 Rover.

Firmware versions are RS2 V31 and RS3 V31.8

The problem is that when you move 1km away from the base you lose the Radio connection and do not receive corrections.

Thank you so much

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Hi Itziar,

Thanks for your question!

We’re already in touch regarding the same topic over the email. Still, I think it’d be beneficial for the community to add the information here.

LoRa radio is a low-powered radio. The baselines you can achieve heavily depend on the environmental conditions of the survey: there is a need for a line of sight between the base and the rover and the absence of any other electrical disturbance.

That’s why understanding the environmental conditions that the customer works in is crucial. Can you share a photo of it with us? Depending on the Emlid Flow settings and hardware setup on the field, the line of sight allows you to achieve around a few km in baseline. So the 1 km you mention looks like the maximum the customer can achieve in the given environment.

Still, usually, there are a few things to to tune to improve the LoRa connection:

  • Frequency. Some areas may be busier than others which means some frequencies are more populated than others. If you can’t achieve the desired baseline, you can try setting up the highest available frequency and going down with the 1-2 MHz step until you find the frequency that works best for your area.
  • Air data rate. Lowering the air data rate limits the RTCM3 messages number but may significantly increase the baseline.

I’d also suggest going through our Support tip for more detailed recommendations about the LoRa workflow: How to configure LoRa for RTK on Reach RS2+.

Please let us know how this goes for your customer.


I wish I could achieve Fix at 1 km with LoRa radio RTK connection

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Hi Adrian,

I see we’re already communicating via email about your case. Let me review the data you provided and get back to you via email to keep everything in one place.


Make sure to fill us all in what the issue was please, as it’s VERY important.

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Thank you!