I wish you a merry fixed Christmas & happy new year

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone.
I was running out of time so started running through the letters… that messed it up :blush:


that’s crazy and awesome :joy:

Merry Christmas!:christmas_tree:


Terrific! :slight_smile: Thanks and merry Christmas!

Nice and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

hehe, typos. Missing a H in Christmas :sweat_smile:

new feature request for ReachView beta:

Real time OCR scanning of the solution plot with a hook that triggers a timestamp with text message when readable text is found.:astonished:

Seriously though @TB_RTK, I can already see that you just started a competition for who can write the smallest legible font with their Reach rover. But what will the text be? To copy your message or a full paragraph of lorem ipsum or perhaps just “Emlid Reach” (with optional verb)?


The ball is rolling, time will tell :slight_smile:

And a happy new year


Wow! Very impressive. You make it look easy to write to write, “HAPPY NEW YEAR” in a 14cm font with a 20,000km long pencil. Never mind having to wiggle it up and down only 0.0000007 degrees to keep it that small.

By comparison, if you wrote it 70 times larger, then you could just barely measure the height of the text from satellite altitude using the Wild T4, one of the “most precise micrometer theodolite[s] ever made.”

It’s pretty amazing that we can do this kind of stuff. :wink:

By the way, what is the total elapsed time from H to R? And which satellites and frequency did you use?


Thanks. It was kind a easy, using tripode i would slide on the surface. That made it possible to get accurate movement.
It took about one minute from H to R. Had to take it slow because of 1Hz. Could have done it faster in 5 or 10Hz mode.
I used gps,glonass and sbas.


This needs redoing with the RS2 !
I am sure you can find something fun to write… Maybe a quote from the awesome Norwegian animation-movie “ Flåklypa Grand Prix” maybe :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: