Happy 2017: What's next?

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We are back from holidays and just before we dive into the next year, we want to turn back for a second and make a quick look at 2016.

Oh, what a year! It has been an exciting one with new challenges, events and milestones. Let’s see what happened to our projects and team as well as take a moment to look forward - what’s coming next?



This year was huge for precise positioning with Reach leading the way in affordable RTK. It is a real pleasure to see wider adoption of Reach system! Just one of the areas where Reach made a significant impact is aerial mapping: previously direct georeferencing was a prerogative of high end industrial drones only and now you can have it on your rig for a fraction of the price. In 2017 having RTK receiver on a mapping drone will be vital!

Just a few very recent examples of how our users took what we put out and made it epic:


Greetings from @TB_RTK printed with Reach Rover


Recent ReachView 2 release is aligned to give you power to do more, it consists of plenty of modern features with a slick new UI. We are constantly moving towards our holy grail of making high-accuracy positioning easy to use and reliable no matter if you’re pro or novice. If you missed it, it is definitely time to update, ReachView 0.4 is so 2016!



Recently we celebrated 1 year of Navio2 at the market and for this period it had become irreplaceable element for a ton of successful research, educational and commercial developments. We've noticed students' interest to Navio blossoms, Navio2 boards have been sent to more than 200 universities all over the planet! We started seeing students use Navio for their degrees becoming professionals in the industry.

Navio2 has established itself as a powerful and flexible Linux autopilot having a lot to offer.


Just a few awesome Navio2-powered projects from 2016


We worked hard on new Emlid Raspbian image with Wifi broadcast support and pre installed ROS with all needed documentation so you can get started promptly. It will be rolled out very soon, right after it is polished based on the beta reviews. We are happy that Navio2 became synonymous to flying with Raspberry Pi, keeping that position and improving the system even further is what we will be focused on this year.


Emlid in 2016

This year our rooftop office became too small for a fast growing team. This made us move to a new place with a picturesque view. This year we visited Intergeo exhibition in Munich for the first time and the next year we will be happy to meet you on our own booth during Intergeo 2017. Behind all the work done during 2016 a bulk part is still invisible and while you enjoyed the holidays we were busy to finally surprise you with new products!


After all we want to say thank you for staying such an inspiring community. You’re the ones who are in the air or on the ground bringing the power of tiny electronic boards made by Emlid to your projects everywhere. Please continue and let us know if we can assist, that’s our pleasure.


Happy 2017!

Emlid Team