Fun with Reach. Taking precision to a new level

A follow up from this thread I wish you a merry fixed Christmas & happy new year

So, had som spare time today and thought i would push the limit for what is possible to measure with this home made device.
My setup is 2 Reach units, one as a base and the other as rover, all connected together on the same local wifi. I only need relative position for this prosject. I used 1 and 5Hz, Gps, Glonass and Sbas
I user tripod on the rover as it would slide much easier over the surface where i wrote and drew on.
Well, im just gonna let the pictures talk for its self.
One funny problem i faced trying to plot those small letters, was the thick line. The 1cm thick line i drew with chalk was giving me a challange whether i was on the center or the edge of the chalk line. Who would thought that??
Guess i have to sharpen my pencil next time :joy:
I wrote my nick , TB_RTK and plotted a wrench i found.

Pictures of objectes i measured

Results captured with rtklib/reachview


Well played!

Thanks Luke.

I guess this is the final level.
Had to sharpen my pencil and measuring tool

I also switch to a more friction free plate for sliding the unit more freely.

I wrote with a smaler font. About 1x4cm. I think this is the smallest it could get…

And here is screenshot from rtklib, you can see it s getting real cluttering but still readable.
Had to measure it twice since i bumbed the rig so it shiftet few millimeter in the beginning of the letter R (bottom picture).
Really cool


Hi! Great!!

Is your solution postprocessed or the output solution file of reach?

Did you ever run reach longer ( >1 hour )with stable fix?

No postprocessing. Solution from reach.
I had fix more or less all the time doing this for over an hour. Did adjust from 1Hz to 5Hz and back again to see if i could get font more clearly and during this changes fix dropped for few minutes and then back to fix again.

You are too much :laughing:

One see, use and read about it. Cm accuracy. I never thought much about it, cm…
But when put it in perspective like this, it kind a puzzles you.
Anyways, these reach units is really cool. Great work team Emlid :+1:

This is sick! :heart_eyes:

Well… looks like more development ahead… “Sub-Rice Accuracy”. ; )~

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