How to enter the corrrect coordinates in the base unit

Hello all. It’s been over year and I’m a little rusty with using my pair of RS2’s as a base unit and rover unit. I went out today to set up my base and record some known points so that I could come back and find the correct location of my base by manipulating the offsets in CAD. The state plane is GA83-WF and I have my coordinates in both Northing and Easting as well as Lat/Lon. Does it matter if I put Lat/lon in the base unit and have a file in the rover that is in state plane?



Hi Frank,

Welcome back to the forum!

If you were successful in obtaining the correct coordinates for the base, you have two options for continuing to work on the site:

  1. Create a project in Emlid Flow in your state plane CS. You can find it the easiest way, if you enter its EPSG code: 2240. Import your points into it. Then go to the Base mode tab, hit the Configure button and add your base coordinates in NAD83.

  2. Create a project in Emlid Flow in your state plane CS. Import your points into it. Then go to the Base mode tab and hit the Configure button, but this time choose the manual coordinates entry method and hit Choose from project. Then select the necessary point for the base. The app will transform the state plane coordinates into geographic ones. You can find more details about this method in our support tip.

If you’d like, you can try both options and check the results!


Thank you for the reply, it was just what I needed. I am also having problems with shapefiles not importing. I’m getting a message that the file is not readable. I have tried it with all the usual files in a SHP and also deleted all but the three listed and I get the same results. Any ideas?

I’m glad, I could help! Could you please post your SHP file in this thread or send it privately to I’d like to check it to figure out why you faced such difficulty.

In the meantime, if your software allows you to export, you can try importing DXF or CSV into Emlid Flow. Things to keep in mind when importing CSV files can be found in our support tip.


I’d like to share the outcome of this case. Perhaps it will be useful to someone else as well. The source of the difficulty in the SHP import was the subdirectory inside the compressed folder. To import a ZIP file into Emlid Flow, it should contain only these files without any folders: SHP, SHX, and DBF.