How to collect data for post processing

Where could I get one of the RP-SMA extender? Do you have link to recommended product?

Can I use one of these:

This one looks correct, just 9m might be a bit too much, you will loose radio power on such a long cable, better keep it a few meters.

Try Maybe a little pricey, but lots of options. The gain from line of sight ( or nearly so) may outweigh the cable loss. I recommend you get a cable first and experiment with antenna position first. As Igor says, main thing is to station Lora antenna above the houses with line of sight to Rover area. Base GPS antenna need good view of satellites in sky. Base Lora best with line of sight to Rover. .

I have my Base connect to my iPhone Hot-spot for internet connection and my Rover connect to another iPhone Hot-spot for internet connection. I tried to use TCP but not working. Could you instruct me how to send correction from Base to Rover via internet? TCP or NTRIP? I read about NTRIP method and I think it might need Caster. I’m happy to pay Caster service if it is reliable and affordable. Thanks in advance for your kind support.

Hi all,
Newbie here😊 I guess this is the correct thread i should post my question related to the main subject. First of all, my working environment is remote location. No phone signal or internet. My question are,

  1. how to collect gnss raw data for post processing using emlid reach rs software?
  2. What are the settings that i should follow if let say i would like to observe raw gnss data for one hour period of time?
  3. how to download this gnss raw data to the computer?

I’ve read this Kinematic processing | Emlid Studio
unfortunately, this document only state how to process the gnss raw data. Not the one that i’m asking above.

Use the logging menu. Setup the settings before hand as to what constellation works for you and what rate. When you stop logging, it will compress to a zip file and you can download that.


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