Float solution after PPK

I let my base get down to raw data, but when I arrive at the office to perform the postprocess the result gives me all the data in floating, the weather was bad. Is there any way to check in the field that the data collected will help me to do the postprocessing? Thank you.

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The weather usually have very little impact on your solution.

Can you upload your .UBX file ?

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There were quite a lot of black clouds, that’s why I assumed my data in floating, usually I always get data in fix. I upload it and I hope you can guide me, thanks.

raw_201907242033_UBX.zip (5.2 MB)

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We’ll also need the log from the reference station for PPK

Sure, now I attach it. Greetings.

RINEX_UQRO205a-UQRO205x.zip (8.2 MB)

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It seems to process just fine, but the baseline is a little long for L1 only, so using Fix-and-hold is required.

I was able to get a 100% fix solution.


Hi @civil_ramirez,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I’d recommend using a higher elevation mask for your working area. I’ve managed to process your logs with 90% of fix solution using 30˚ elevation mask.

Also, the 50km baseline is a lot for L1 receivers. For the best performance, it should not exceed 30-40 km for PPK. Try to use a closer reference station if possible.

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