How to collect data for post processing

3- I tried to export Waypoints but I was not able to select the (Fixed) point shown in the plot. Is that a way to do so? I am referring to post-processing.

Are you trying to export all the green dots? or just a few of them?

I think what we really need is just a point for P1, a point for P2, and a point for P3.

For that i use mobile topograher. I records x amount of coordinates and save it as a point.
If to do so in RTKplot, you need to zoom in to the core of green dots and save it as a waypoint, Or cut out and show only the time for this area and average it out with the same tool. RTKplot. This is a bit more work though.
Others may have better ways.

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The thing is…All the green dots are fix and basically correct. But since i am moving the rover the dots will fly everywhere on RTKplot screen. So to catch the point in post process is a bit hard. Thats why i do RTK survey and save points on the fly in the field.
Otherwise, set the rover in static move and place it on and non moving tripod and survey for a time. Then its easier to just zoom in to the area in post and crab the coordinates from there. But it depends on how accurat you need it.

@TB_RTK, thank you for your kind response. I will try that in RTKplot.

Would you mind sharing with me the links of the tripod and pole you used for Base and Rover in your video? Also, how could you make sure that Reach RS was pointing directly and accurately on your point (for example, on the mark of BM)? Was you using other equipment to do so or it’s in the Tripod?

I used cheap stuff from a photostore online. Its not true survey gear
And made som DIY stuff to do the job.
Both poles has this fitted
and tripod also has a plumb to accuratly get it right over a point.

@TB_RTK, can you look at the pictures and tell me how should we measure the Antenna height?

Maybe the pict no.2 is the correct answer

If you take a look at the bottom of your RS, it says 65mm to Antenna Refrence Point (ARP), then you have the adapter that is 21,5mm.
So 86,5mm from bottom adapter to ARP

@TB_RTK, it was very exciting to see your video and the release of new Survey tool in ReachView app. However, I had issue where I can’t get signal from Base when I was around 400m from the Base. I tested in construction site as the following picture and used LoRa option:

My questions are (1) Should I change any setting in ReachView app to improve the LoRa radio signal? (2) do you know any radio signal equipment that could help boost the signal and compatible with Reach RS?

Thank you so much for your kind demo and support.

Hi, are both antenna vertical?
Signals are going out in a donut shape around the antenna when its vertical.
If that doenst work, there is always a way to modify and replace it with a new antenna.

Yes, I put the antenna vertical (downward) as shown in the pictures above. Could you advise more on how to modify and replace it with a new antenna for signal boost? Without Live RTK, it’s not easy and reliable to do PPK (since there is no way to check whether the data collected can be PPK in the office with Fix solution in the current version of ReachView). Thanks.

I am not sure about the antenna stuff, i think someone els has to advice on that.
If it where me, i would probably try correction over internet.
This seems like a place that has cell phone coverage?

Did you try setting Lora data rate to lowest position? Lower data rates =longer survey time, but might give enough SNR to get survey.

Base Lora antenna height should help. Gain will probably exceed cable loss. Look at websites for mobile/RV home accessories. There are some extendable antenna mast packages. One interesting package provides an antenna mast holder that you keep in place by driving the wheel of you car/truck/RV/mobile home over it.

Look at Amateur Radio websites Field Day reports for ideas. Search for ARRL websites.

I look forward to similar situations, but am just now getting into Lora.
Of course, this assumes you want to , or must use a BASE radio.
Good Luck…

Forgot to ask, but data rate must be the same on both devices

Yes, it was the same. I got signal from Base for about 400m, then lost the signal. I think it was due to many houses and border heights.

Thank you for your kind response. Do you have specific products to recommend to boost radio signal for the correction?

Maybe a repeater is a way to go, Its not the distance but obstructions you need to fix.
For LoRa i am not sure. Its new to me
Or a better placed antenna at the rover end.
Look for RP-SMA antenna for the correct frequency.

Just locate the base station LoRa antenna higher than the houses. You can lift whole base station or just use a RP-SMA extender cable and lift only the antenna.