Help Please: Cable for trigger (without autopilot)

Hi everybody.

Newbie post. But I read this forum for months

I want to integrate REACCH M+, LoRa radio, Sony camera, Trigger the cam (from Reach M+) and got events from HSA

No autopilot on the development, I just want to take photos and get positions (RTL or PPK) from a plane (not UAV), with a Sony A7R iii

I’m not very proficient in electronics, but I trying :wink:

First question: The trigger cable.

Can I trigger the camera via USB? If so, a simple LANV USB cable is enough, or I need additional components?

If I MUST trigger the camera from C1 port, direct connecting to a Seagull Map2, an a Sony S2 cable will be ok? (C1 port is the only one on manual that got triggering signal)

Also, in this case (trigger from C1) I must connect the HSA to C2 or make a “Y” cable: HSA->C1<-Seagull?

I assume that I can’t trigger from S1 nor S2 ‘cause I’ll connect LoRA to S1 and power to S2

Second Question:

I find this topic in which nctiglao ask from IMU data from Reach Kit. Does reach M+ capability to generate IMU data??

Thanks Everybody!


Hi @arturocabral,

Do you have a second Reach as a base?
Or you want to use NTRIP station as a base?

Hi andrew!
Thank for your reply

my fisrt concern is if I can trigger the camera via USB.directly from Reach M+?
If not, what kind of cable I need to trigger a Sony a7r iii, and get events via HSA?

Answering and giving you a scope of objetives

I got GPS/GNSS recivers for PPK
I plan to use a Reach RS as base for RTK,
(Alternatively, I can use a Reach m+ with RDF900 for long range corrections,
but that not be adressed at this step)
I don’t belive tat NTRIP could be a solution in an airplane, or in my area (NE of Argentina),

Te central idea is mount everithing in a plane (not a drone),
so there is no autopilot in the project.

I got a Reach M+.

The consecutive planning steps in my developement are:

  • wire everiting
  • test triggering from Reach M+
  • test events from HSA.
  • Integrate Hardware in a Pod appropiated for airplanes
  • Air test
  • Air test with RTK corrections
  • Software development of a tablet application with:
    • Logging data in the Reach M+ and RTK fix (if available)
    • get Location from Reach M+ (mock?)
    • Status of the location (FIxed or Autonomous for PPK)
    • Show pre loaded fligth plan to assist pilot
    • Show camera status (if I can wire via USB, but this is not mandatory)
    • Start and stop triggering based on location (triggering will be time based in te first developements)
      This is for avoid photos during turns
    • export logged data

In a second version of the app I wish to get IMU data from Reac M+, so the final output could be position and attitude of the camera in each photo event

Hi @arturocabral,

Sony A7RIII has a hot shoe, so you can use our adapter for making timestamps.
As for triggering the camera with M+, it requires creating a separate cable depending on the camera model. However, you can just configure time lapse on your camera. In that case, there’s no need in any separate cables.

Note, that IMU is on our to-do list, however, it is not yet implemented in ReachView. The good news is that the driver for the sensor is installed and you make use of it if you know Linux and programming.

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