Anyone in South East Queensland? I need some help

Hi, i’m based on the Sunshine Coast and need some help.

Have an Emlid Reach M+ and just need guidance.

Thanks in advance.


I see nobody has picked up on this thread yet. Did you need someone to come over and carry M+ for you, or will some virtual help from this forum be OK? :slight_smile:

Hi @bide,
Virtual help would be fine as long as it was live.
I’m not familiar with most of the terminology as I’m not trying to survey.

I’m trying to get more accurate locations for close proximity inspection of buildings and other assets.

Currently using a Sony A7Rii camera and then move to a Phantom 4 Pro.

Thanks in advance

Can you be more specific on what problems you are facing?

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This is not a good day for rapid responses from me, and I probably am not the best guy for this advice anyway.

But we should probably get a dialog going.

Here’s a place to start reading:

@wizprod - I need to convert the data so I can manually update the Exif from the camera.

Camera trigger - no problem as set up.

Base - added NTRIP data in ReachView before job. Do I need to do this each time? Once I disconnect M+ from internet, does it store the base location or does this need to remain live with internet connection?

M+ - captured logs

I’m using a Mac and unsure how to convert Rinex into a csv with location data. How do I add base data?

Do you mean added the connection info of the NTRIP ?

Have a look at this one:

It looks like the question might be, “1. Once I get a base coordinate from the NTRIP server, do I need to keep the Internet connection open?” YES, because you not only need the base coordinate, but also a continuous stream of correction data from the NTRIP base for the whole time you are logging.

Yes, I added the login details for the national broadcaster.

Ok, but can I export that to csv which provides time and location so I can match images?
I will the. Use Exif tool to add location.

Reach gives you raw data (UBX files). It can also convert that to RINEX data (OBS, NAV files). With RINEX data from base and rover, you perform the post-processing. The output of that is your position data (POS files), and if you captured events (with hotshoe adapter), then you will get a event data (_events.POS files).

Once you get have that _events.POS file, then you can look inside it for your the time marks that were triggered by the hotshoe adapter.

That is as far as I can take you :slight_smile: @wizprod can probably do much better :slight_smile:

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