IMU data from Reach Kit

Hy Igor
when do you think that the IMU data will be available (as bluetooth output ) ?



There are more important tasks at the moment, so I could not provide an estimate.

Hi Igor,

Being able to accessing and logging IMU data is really high in my priorities list.
I am willing to help implementing this functionality, but is there any documentation about IMU drivers somewhere ?

Thank you

I just want to add my voice to this - IMU logging is massively important to me as well, combined GNSS & IMU logging was the main reason I went with the Reach!


me too



Can emlid provide a URL to their github repository pointing to the MPU-9250 driver?
And the drivers documentation?

I am interested in the Low Power Quaternion (3, 6, 9 axis) data for streaming and logging.

Low Power Quaternion (3, 6, 9 axis) is mentioned in RMMPU-9250 Register Map.pdf:

6 Advanced Hardware Features
The MPU-9250 includes advanced hardware features that support Android that can be enabled and disabled through simple hardware register settings. The advanced hardware features are not initially enabled after device power up, and must be individually enabled and configured. The following motion-based functions are supported and do not require an external hub or microprocessor:

Low Power Quaternion (3, 6, 9 axis)

Some documents available on

InvenSense Motion Sensor Universal EV User Guide
RMMPU-9250 Register Map
DSMPU-9250 Datasheet
ANInvenSense Motion Sensor Universal Evaluation Board User Guide
MPU-9250 Contextual Awareness SDK

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After registering as a developer, one can download the CA-SDK v5.1 (ca. 62 MB) that covers the MPU-9250 on page

Direct download link (might need free registration as a developer):

CA-SDK v5.1
The CA-SDK is our latest SDK which features the MPU-9250 and supports 9-axis operation. The TI MSP430 MCU is pre flashed before shipping with our Embedded Software library which allows for 9-axis operation. This library is also included as an option in the eMD 6.1 package. The board is also populated with a Bluetooth module and a temperature, humidity, pressure, proximity, UV and Ambient light sensors for development of contextually aware applications.

This wearable sensor form factor board can be purchased in our InvenSense Online Store. A robust Android and Python demo are included for visualizing and logging data.

If you would like to get the data from the IMU until we implement it in ReachView MPU9250 is available on /dev/spidev5.1 and driver is located in /home/reach/MPUtest . Copy it from there, do not modify it in that directory.

IMU is working with Reach RTK at this moment? If no, can I access this datas from BeagleBone Black?

Has anyone had any luck with this? I am far from a professional developer, but need access to IMU data for a robotics project I am working on for school. I have downloaded the drivers from: There is mllite_test.c source file in there that throws an error stating that msp430.h file cannot be found. I can’t find it anywhere in the zip file. I need some kind of sample source so that I can see how to acquire the data for the IMU and append it to the RTK data that we will be sending to our ROS system. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

also, I can’t find the MPUtest mentioned above by Igor. I found mpu_test in /usr/bin/mpu_test, but it is an executable that just returns mpu_sensor:passed. Does that start the IMU?

Nevermind, we found a solution here:

Is there any update on this? Will Reach Kit provide IMU data?

Russell_Plenkers’ solution basically works, but it will get lost when upgrading the firmware.

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I would very much appreciate it if someone could provide some more detailed help on how to access the IMU data form the reach.

Can I access the data over USB? or do I need to use the pins? What am I supposed to download from the Invensense (seems the link might be old)?

The main reason we purchased a reach module was for fusing IMU and GPS for navigation.

You could take and build it inside your Reach. This is an example how to get data. Now it’s up to you how you get the data outside. You could just use ssh and pipe it to somewhere:
ssh root@192.168.1.xx "/home/root/MPUtest/MPUtest" | someprogram here

If you come up with a better solution, let me know.


thanks for the clarification. But how can I find the password to root for the ssh?

By the way, I’m assuming you are talking about the reach module (and not reach RS).

Yes, talking about the module. The password is emlidreach (which is not easy to find from the spec).

Thanks! I will try and report back if I get it to work. I also found some information here: Getting IMU data

edit: where in the specs did you find the password?
edit2: it’s mentioned in the reachView documentation:

That’s actually wifi password which is mentioned there. Yes, this is the same. But I probably found the information here: (too bad this page is not available any more).

Has anybody tried to get the IMU data from reach kit?
How can I do it from putty? Can someone gimme a brief? Is it tough process?