Hacking the Sony Qx1 for output trigger/ external flash

Hi, it’s just an idea and not mine, I’m not an expert, have you thought the output audio signal as trigger, don’t know if it has some delay or not, just seems easy to do it.

Good idea but the audio would most likely need to be processed to grab only the noise signature of the shutter action while eliminating all other noises while in flight.

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Very interesting work you have done @Burke_Mitchell something I would definitely want to try to do with my Qx1 once I solve the problem I have now. Currently I have one big problem and that is to trigger the camera fast enough by a remote through the multiport. I am nowhere near the 3fps probably closer to 0.2fps. What settings on the camera do you use to trigger it fast enough? Currently I am using as a trigger the Map2 from Seagull UAV.

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may be the firmware of sony umc-r10c will work in qx1 https://store.3dr.com/products/site-scan-r10c

There is a good integration here with raspberry pi :

Still driven via WiFi, without any shutter activation signal collection. Cool, and still leaves a large gap, when was the shutter told to fire, and when did the shutter ACTUALLY activate/fire.

I have to read more their code but in SoloMapper.py there is a camera feedback report (line 166)
In SoloMapper_QX1.py, I think there is a control between hdmi output and camera feedback


Can you provide @Aka with what you discovered regarding the shutter motor connections?


Yes can provide photos traveling now have had very little personal time we’ll see what it looks like when I arrive at customers facility however my motor connections were made at the plug on the motherboard side at the rear of the connect solder two small leades together for each wire. This works but have had a lot of bricks to the qx1. My next step was to get an inductive pickup on the side of the shutter motor got too busy sorry. Sorry for grammar using voice command.

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So this is the only way to get camera feedback on QX1 ?

Hello, we want to take an output signal from a Sony A5100 camera to use Septentrio PPK UAS (it records events when it gets a signal)
We will buy the camera and ship it to you.
Please contact me from okan@ataymuhendislik.com so we may talk the details.

Has anyone else seen this?
I emailed them to see if they will mod a QX-1 for a fee, without buying their aircraft.


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Look forward to what you hear back from them.

Sounds like $900 for a QX-1 that has been modified (price includes camera). Although, it has to be processed with their geo-tagging software.

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Yeah, I saw that as well, after reading the article.

Hi Bam, you said there will be cameras available for ordering with this hack. We potentially will order continoulsy these modified QX1 cameras. Can you tell me pricing and details? Please let me know asap. Thanks a lot

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What are you willing to pay for the modification and w what kind of warranty? I don’t think it’s worth my time.

Hi @Burke_Mitchell,
Currently, Event38 is selling modified QX1 cameras for ~$900; which includes the cost of the QX-1 and the modification.
I have found a few places which sell the QX1 for ~$400-$500, so the modification would be worth ~$400-$500?
Not sure what type of warranty you are talking about?

As a side note, one issue with the QX1 is that it randomly rotates images from landscape to portrait. This makes it very cumbersome for mapping when you have to manually rotate the images back to landscape.

Hope this helps!

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