Use mono skysight, Sony timestamp in reach

Hi @igorvereninov @TB_RTK, can we use mono skysight (sony camera with no hotshoe) for create timestamp in reach rinex file when triggering sony.

You need feedback from the camera, not just the trig signal to get precise time stamps. This is why we recommend using camera with hotshoe.

Is there another way for using sony QX1, it has no hotshoe. I need when it trig with reach, reach make timestamp information in log.

Here is a discussion about QX1:

Base on this image

  1. How to trig camera, from reach or mission planner?
  2. Can it set to auto trig from mission planner?
  3. When the camera triggered, what kind of feedback is resulted? And what kind of file resulted and where it placed, reach log or camera file?
  4. What is the difference between hot shoe and usb multiport sony camera?
  5. I use skywalker, the fuselage is not enough for a6000. If only a6000 that I can use, I would try to find a way to put a6000 to my skywalker


  1. and 2. Mission planner can set automatic trig depend on what you want, distance or time interval. you can connect signal from autopilot to multi port on sony camera by using these cable.
    Seagull #MAP2 - UAV / Drone Camera Trigger
    3.The feed back come from camera hot shoe and the time stamp will log to file to reach. shoe for feedback from camera when it taking picture. Multi-port for control camera,shooting or on-off
    5.I’m not sure that a6000 can fit to skywalker if place side forward. you can find older sony camera model that have hot-shoe.

Thank you @natapatnatapat, so the hotshoe results output, trig reach result timestamp file, doesn’t it?

Is Hotshoe just an output port?

Reach tufwing cable is hotshoe, it doesn’t trig the camera, does it. So, where is sony trigger come from? Does sony has own configuration for trig it self?

I will try looking for old sony with hotshoe switchable with my skywalker.

from your picture, Pixhawk only provide power to reach not trigger camera.Hotshoe tell reach that when camera actual taking picture, that will get precise timestamp.
You can buy trigger cable from the website I told you before.

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