Google Pixel 7 Won't connect to Emlid Reach through Flow app

I have a Google Pixel 7.
Yesterday, I was trying to update firmware for our Emlid RS2+/RS3.
The cellphone connects to the rover. Then I open Emlid flow app, and I am able to see the device in the list. When I click to connect, it says “Can’t connect to reach” or something like that.

I tried with other available phones, and everything went well, including an old phone with the old Emlid Reach app.

Was Flow app tested with google pixtel 7? What could be done to make it work?

That phone connected the reach access point in the past?

No. It would be its first time.

Hi Rafael,

First, let’s try to connect to your Reach via the Reach Panel. Is it possible? If so, please check the firmware version of your Reach, update it to the latest version and try connecting to it again in Emlid Flow.

I also recommend going through our Support tip about connecting to Reach in Emlid Flow. There are some ideas there which may come in handy.

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Thanks, @kornel.nemeti!.

I’ll take a look at this content.

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