Flow360 ios Reach RS Connection via Bluerooth


I am trying to connect my Reach RS+ to my Ipad with cellular plan via bluetooth. I am following the EMLID instructions as found here (Connecting to Reach RX | Reach RX), but it will not detect the Rover unit. There is nothing saying the ios cannot support this function in the instructions provided.

The issue is, when we are connected via Wifi our Ipad is trying to always uses the Wifi for data, not cellular, so as such we cannot connect to our NTRIP correction service.

Does anyone have any guidance?


Hi Tom,

Welcome to our community!

To broadcast the internet to your Reach RS+ via your phone’s mobile hotspot, you should first connect your receiver’s hotspot. Then, check your phone’s hotspot credentials and set it up in Emlid Flow. This guide will help you with this.

If you’d like to stick to the Bluetooth connection, you can use it as well. In this forum thread you will find detailed information about it, but please note that it’s in Beta for now.

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