Can't connect RS2+ to iOS devices

I haven’t been able to connect my RS2+ to my iPhone or iPad despite many tutorials and many attempts. Why does this have to be so difficult? I followed the recommended steps and the receiver is not available when I turn on thee hotspot. Very frustrating. Are all brands this difficult?

Hey Paul.

Did you first log into the RS2+'s hotspot and set up your phone’s network there?

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I did, many times. Turned on the hotspot, then turned on the receiver. Nothing. Anyone find themselves on a job and unable to get a connection. What do you tell the client?

The hotspot IS the receiver. When you power on the receiver the first time, it will go into hosting mode. It will not look for, or find other networks until you set them up. On your phone (or tablet) you look for the receiver’s wifi hotspot and log into it. That is the first step.

Maybe that is what you are doing and I’m misunderstanding. But when you mention “Turned on the hotspot, then turned on the receiver.” It sounds like you are expecting the receiver to find another device’s hotspot. And that will not happen until after the initial setup,

Have you watched the video below? Where does the process break down for you?

So, I watched this tutorial for about the 10th time, and caught an arrow pointing to the Network name on the iOS hotspot page. That’s when I realized that I may not have fully entered the iOS hotspot network name in the app. I cleaned that up and BINGO! Now I have to figure out how to get FIX. I tried different mount point, but no difference. The app shows corrections being received, but no fix after waiting over 30 min. The baseline said 15km and age of corrections .6-1.0s.

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Hi Paul,

I’m glad to hear that you were able to connect to the hotspot eventually. We understand that this process can be tricky, and we are looking at how we can improve this process for our users.

I see you’ve already written to us at about your issue with getting a Fix. Let’s continue our investigation by email.

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