Firmware emlid rs+

Could someone tell me where I can download the emlid rs+ firmware since the updates are losing precision every time and it is also taking too long to give the fix solution, even when I put the coordinates of the point where I mount the base, the rover does not give solution fix someone could help me because I want to load version 30

Connect the unit to wifi that has internet access and then check for updates . It will show that there is an update avail

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Good evening, thank you, but what I need is to download previous versions, not if you can help me, I don’t know where I can download them

There would be no need to find a download, the receiver finds them automatically when connected to the internet

Try this.

Hi Victor,

What firmware version is installed on your RS+ receivers now? Please note that we don’t recommend downgrading the firmware version and we don’t have a supported way of doing this.

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What is the recent firmware for RS+? 29?

Why does this page do not specify for which models the actual release is?
Most advanced firmware for the old RS receivers is 28.4. Users are distracted when new releases are obsolete for their models.

Even worse: Scam sites like bottlestonightapp-dot-com/content-firmware/reach-rs-firmware are delivered by some search engines

The latest version is 31.3. I was using 31.2 with no problems. Then I installed the 31.3 version with some glitches.

Apparently, when this happens, turning them off and on solves this. Until it happens again in the future.

I own a pair of RS+s

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Hi @Hbb,

As Sergio mentioned, the latest release for Reach RS+ is 31.3. The latest firmware available for Reach RS is 28.4.

We recommend updating the devices through the Emlid Flow app or Reach Panel which will suggest the most recent updates for your receiver. We don’t have public access to the firmware images on our resources. That’s why it’s always better to check with us regarding the firmware updates and not trust third-party websites.

Once the new firmware release is out, we also post an update on the forum in the News section to keep the users informed. The changelogs are available in our online docs.

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Hi Sergio,

I see that you posted your questions about this in the following thread:

Let’s continue the discussion there in order not to mix up different topics.

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