Export each code on its own layer in DXF

Is it possible to export a DXF out of emlid flow 360 that can be imported into CAD where each line and point code is on its own layer?

for example if I survey with a code BLD1 for buildings then all lines on that code would be assigned to a layer BLD1 in CAD

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Hi Tristan!

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There is currently no way to change the DXF export options in Emlid Flow 360, but we will take your request into consideration. Could you please attach a sample file in the desired format? It would make our job easier.

Hi Zoltan,

I have attached a folder with 2 DXF files. The first one named “Emlid export” is how a project has been exported without editing.

The second named “Predered layer setup” has had the linework, points and text put on layers to make is easier to navigate the drawing.

If something like this could be done it would make your device and app very useful for surveying as a landscape designer.

Export layers.zip (78.5 KB)

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Thank you, Tristan! I forwarded your files to our developers. This future is not yet on our roadmap, but I’ll let you know once there are any updates!

+1 for this feature request please. ive just bought some emlid kit and done a test as built survey in the street around my house. it would make a lot of sense to have each code on its own layer at the time of import. it would massively speed up the workflow within cad being able to switch off everything you arent currently working on.


@zoltan.biber Thanks for forwarding it on. If this could be implemented fast that would be amazing. It is a drawback to what I purchased my RS3 for. Now I have to look into a data collector to achieve what I want but this looks to be too expensive and I am considering trying to return my RS3.

+1 for both main use cases:

DXF layered by code/theme => Survey / CAD

Shape, a separate file for each Line/Point/(& hopefully soon, Area) code/theme => Mapping / GIS

For example, lines would be exported separately by their code/theme, such as Fence.shp, Road.shp, & Drain.shp.

Thank you


We track all of our users’ requests and prioritize our improvements based on them. I’ve also registered your requests, which have pushed this feature up the priority list. For now, I cannot provide any ETA for the implementation, but I will keep you updated!

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Maybe in the mean time could anybody suggest alternative software that can collect points and lines and export to CAD on seperate layers? Preferably something that is not expensive and works on IPhone or IPad?

We have an active conversation in this thread about 3rd party apps. I recommend you take a look!

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