Reach RS3 - control software

I bought a new receiver from a local distributor - Reach RS3.
Tempted by the price, I did not realize that the EmlidFlow software is expensive to purchase, but most importantly, it lacks functions useful in working as a field surveyor.
According to the information obtained on the forum, FieldGenius apparently works with Reach RS3. Apart from these two programs, do you know any other programs that will be able to work with the receiver?

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SWmaps, QField are usually the 2 free options that come to mind. Not sure you will find the features you want as a surveyor though.
More complex apps such as Aplitop may interest you, but the price may be the issue then, if you consider Emlid Flow Survey is too expensive.

Did your local distributor give you the 3-month free license by the way ? It comes with your RS3.


Like Florian said, if you think Emlid Flow Survey is too expensive for a surveyor, then I don’t know if the following links will be of use to you, but here are some other possibilities for field software that are not cheap or free though. Emlid Flow Survey is probably going to be the most capable in their price range though.

MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android

MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Windows

Carlson for Data Collection

eField Complete Surveying Software

Selection of Different Programs for Sale

Efix eField



TcpGPS for Android

SurvX and other software products


I’m using Fieldgenius everyday, got the android version. Works great, uses line work, basic cogo functions, great for data collection. I believe the windows version is even more powerful. Aplitop connects and works with emlid. Seems like a good app.


Hi, thanks for the answers.
My question may have been translated incorrectly.
Which software supports Reach RS3 and tilt with 100% ?
I have surpad 4.2 and i can’t connect to RS3.
EmlidFlow does not have 3/4 of the functions that e.g. Surpad has, that way I have write that is expensive.

I don’t get of local distributor 3-month free license EmlidFlow.

FieldGenius for Android currently supports the RS3’s tilt function. There’s also a free trial you can check out to see if it will work for you.


Caveat: IMU (Tilt) is broken in current version FGA 2.5, MicroSurvey have jumped on it and should have it fixed in next release 2.6


Hi @magiik

As I see, all the major 3rd party software have already been suggested in this thread. Thanks everyone for the input!

We’re continually improving Emlid Flow and are happy to hear your feedback regarding the app. Could you please tell me which features or tools are missing in Emlid Flow that you need for your workflow?

I also want to mention the 3-month trial for the new Reach RS3 purchase: this offer was limited and is no longer available now.


Just implement EVERYTHING the mainstream 3rd party survey software programs do. They’ve been around long enough, especially FieldGenius & Carlson Survey. Throw your own spin on what you develop. I’m sure Emlid has demos or obtain full packages of them to refer to?

MicroSurvey Release History and Downloads Links - MicroSurvey


In EmlidFlow you need:

  • working on dxf/dwg, e.g. staking or measuring to the line indicated on the dxf
  • height staking from xml files
  • staking to the line

Without basic staking and measurement options, EmlidFlow is a toy, not a measurement program.


Highly disagree here.
Many don’t need more than the ability to save points (i.e. for Ground control). That they can do for free in Emlid Flow.


Toy is a bit of a stretch. But Grade staking to a surface would be awesome. However, most grade staking applications would need to be able to do a site calibration.

I would need to be able to reference a line or better yet a horizontal alignment for the 2D, while sourcing Z from the DTM.

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Localization can do that for you

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I just signed up for the survey plan. I see that now thanks.


Hello there, can you tell me please when you will have an option to stake out surface?

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Hi @predrag.nikolic,

I answered you in a separate thread you created. Could you please check my reply? Thank you!