Emlid RS2 chip discussion

All I have started a discussion about the global chip shortage and how it is affecting emlid but they seem that it needs to be delisted so please see the topic discussion here. The price of emlid has gone from 1899 to 2199 in a very very short time.


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All I am sorry but it seems that emlid does not want to discuss the global chip shortage and how it has affected them in an honest manner as they have delisted and deleted the above linked discussion topic.


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Just wait for Emlid to release a presser to explain the situation.

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What makes you think this will happen. Seems they quite sneakily changed the price without mentioning it anywhere.

How will emlid handle returns, will everyone that returns their items get the new price upon returning them?

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@tatiana.andreeva @igor.vereninov @dmitriy.ershov

How will refunds be handled, can I return my defective items and expect to get the refund of the new price?

Seems they mentioned it somewhere you found out about it. Chip and Material prices are on the move.

Even spark fun f9p’s boards are up in price by $60 from six months ago, that is if they are not completely sold out already. That’s just a single GNSS chip, no antenna, no Lora, no ip67 case, no added UI either.

Do not go to Home Depot and look at lumber prices either, you can get 40 sheets of OSB for the price of an RS2, or 30 sheets of 3/4" spruce.


Yes, he did. Yesterday from a response from Emlid only after my post that was immediately locked down to prevent discussion. Expected from a country who’s roots are deep in pushing humanity into the ground. There was nothing about this price increase before my post. I went to purchase (2) RS2 units at the typical price, and was SURPRISED (or cold cocked / sucker punched) by the substantial selling price increase (especially when buying more than 1). So decided not to purchase immediately as the dealers did the same and Emlid cannot even provide a decent product lead time. (AUGUST???).

It is what it is. I don’t need it if pricing becomes unreasonable, simple as that. As time goes on, the source of the problem (China) will realize that and suffer from it, then prices will return to normal in this world. This is just the beginning of our problem, which was kicked off Nov 3rd 2020, and cemented Jan 20th 2021. : /

If just the F9P is up $60, I bet the Neutis chip is similar. The price increase is minimal and justified just on those two chips. I ordered just resistors and diodes in January and they finally arrived 6 months later.

Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge all want a $80-100K for a pickup truck now on 8 year financing, It takes +30 Years to finance a tasteful house in suburbia, to expected from a country who’s roots are deep in pushing humanity into the ground, God Bless North America.

Amazing how you bash Russia @timd1971 , but yet you are calling for price controls on the free market.

Trimble and Topcon want $20K+ plus for two survey GNSS.

Prices go up, and you are free to build your own GNSS system from scratch as well. You can put in the engineering time, get mass manufacturing set up, get marketing and worldwide distribution set up, hire employees for R&D, customer care and sales. If you can do all that I will buy your system at the $1899 price, but you must never change it. Even if your input costs go up, and suppliers do not have parts available or have price increases. See why your outrage is ludicrous.

Do I wish I scooped another RS2 up at $1899, yes. But that boat has sailed.


Wasn’t bashing, stating the obvious. Communism plain and simple.

Not here to argue. Nobody is happy about the drastic price increase.

Increasing the price for Reach RS2 and M2 was a difficult decision, but it was necessary to keep production going. From the very beginning of Emlid we felt that we should go against the trend in the industry and be open about our pricing. There was no need for a quote or a sales call to find out how much Reach costs. The price was front and center on our website. This approach still has a significant meaning for us.

Since the end of the 2020 the prices for the components went up and the lead times for some parts skyrocketed. We did not change the pricing despite the growing costs for as long as we could, but at some point it became impossible. Some of the chips now have lead times of 52 weeks, which means that we have to place orders that far ahead. Not only is the lead time longer, we have to pay for a lot of these parts upfront. In the current state of the market we have to compete with other companies for chips. Just yesterday we had to pay 600% more for a batch of fairly expensive modules inside Reach. Our choice right now is to keep production going despite the growing costs. We firmly believe that it is better to have Reach at a higher price than to keep the price, but have no product in stock for a year. This lead us to the decision to raise the prices.

Raising the prices is not a silver bullet solution to availability either. It is a part of it. It is still really difficult to purchase everything that we need. We and our partners are working hard everyday to secure supply of microchips for Reach. Huge corporations with immense purchasing power like VW, Ford, Tesla and Sony are affected by this and are unable to ship their products. Imagine the challenge of navigating this crisis as a small company.

I understand that this change is unpleasant, yet I kindly ask you to refrain from political statements and hate speech. We gather here to share our experience and discuss different applications of Emlid products, not to discuss politics.


As a comparison, wooden materials around here is going up around 100% by August. Steel too, close to 50%
RS2 as i recall was 1890$ when they released it and is now 2190$. That is about 16% …



You may want to read more into why wood is up so high. Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. Also I am glad you are able to do math hahahaha!!! Also lets not forget that if you purchase 2 RS2 from emlid you are going to be stuck with a bill of about $800 USD when they were the lower price for importing them into the US. Not sure what others have to pay for VAT and importation in other countries.

finally a statement and an honest one at that from emlid, now I assume you are going to close this discussion? Also can you please answer how refunds will be handled can everyone expect to be refunded the new price if they have defective items?

There will be no changes to how the refunds are processed. A refund is always based on the actual amount paid by the customer, not on the current price.

I will side with @TB_RTK here, there is truly a global shortage of everything from basic materials to advanced electronics.


Not sure what political statement was said or an insult. Please do read more into why wood products are as high as they are its different that other situations. Can you point out what has violated the community guidelines as I do not believe any of what was in my previous post did so?

@TB_RTK I am glad you are able to do math as I always struggled with those percentage calculations and still have a hard time doing them, I was not aware it was a 16% increase without him pointing that out.

I for one don’t mind that the price of RS2 has gone up. It’s like everything else for the last year has been going up due to supply or cost of materials. How about the cost of gasoline in the USA ? It’s gone up substantially in the past year, mainly because of politics. And this increase has happened in the last 3-4 months.

As a business owner, I can understand any cost increase if it’s justified. I think Igor has explained it adequately. In Emlid’s case, I have to defend them; where are you going to find another receiver such as this for the price of $2199 ? Along with their support and fast maturing software, I can’t think of another manufacturer that has the same product.


It ain’t nearly as pretty and polished, but it’s MULTI-BAND. May be fine for some. Isn’t an RS2. Yes, you get what you pay for… not having that discussion.

“Polaris GNSS” https://www.polaris-gnss.com/home

I’d rather just go the Emlid M2 and antenna route anyways for a little more money, even if jacked up. And yes, for the polished Emlid software etc of course.

And yes, NOBODY is happy for the price increase AT ALL… and YES, it’s ALL political even if nobody wants to hear that… but sorry, when it gets down to the ROOT of the problem, yes indeed. Unfortunately, yes, this is JUST THE BEGINNING.


Thank you thank you. I’ll thought I would chip in with some bright minded DIY mathematics. Apples and oranges are the same… round :vulcan_salute:

Hi, I noticed the edit.
My point was/is, everything changes at some point for different reasons. The RS2 cost a small chunk of money and even a small adjustment in price is noticeable, e.g 16% to cover for increased expenses. Microchips is rare these days and when you mess up the supply chain, the supply and demand will rule as some is willing to pay more for an object. Fundamentals of rare goods and its price. Shortage of raw material. Wooden material around here is like gold.

The same with wood and steel, but this is more severe, it directly affect almost everybody.
If you constructing something and lets say the cost of material is 20.000$ and you increase it 100%… What do you do then??
Now we`re talking serious issues. And my point exactly!

Unless RS2 raises 100%, 16% up is still heck of a good deal and still way under the next one up.
My 2 cent (not worth so much anymore)


Placed there by the voting public USA, nothing Emlid can do about that either.

Samsung cant even get enough chips at the moment.