Emlid JACKED the price up of RS2 from $1899 to $2199+! : (

$2199!!! (plus VAT, tariffs, etc!) (M2 also) (dealers got the memo too).

Let me guess. Coronavirus? Start of the inflation coming to the world thanks to you know who? Start’n early huh?

Yeah. BS. : (

Can’t wait to hear the justification… or excuses should we say. : /

You’d think all the mess pre-2020, 2020, post 2020 wasn’t enough???

Rains, it POURS.

Sorry… but I am ticked. Was on the verge of handing over almost $4000+ on these to a dealer. Not now I am NOT. Not even bothering contacting them.

“Reach RS2 – buy multi-band RTK GNSS receiver | Emlid Store” https://store.emlid.com/product/reachrs2/

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SO what justifies this increase in price, is tilt compensation really that costly to develop. Or are you (emlid) also trying to cash in on the pandemic?? Please do advise us why you have decided to up the price without adding anything to it such as tilt compensation?!?! Has your microchip cost really truly gone up the much, what happens when supply chains recover does that mean the price will also recover to per-pandemic levels? Is this some kind of nasty late april fools joke? You still haven’t even fixed the battery light indicator so what makes it worth this much now?! Please everyone boycott this exorbitant price gouging and call them out on it.
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@tatiana.andreeva considering you have closed this topic once the price of things go back to normal can we expect you to stop price gouging then or will this remain?

@tatiana.andreeva what part of this discussion violated the community guidelines?

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So much for watching to find something for sale on ebay etc too.

Lowest price so far was $1250 at a steal. Then $1600 last few months, not a steal.

Anyone selling will sell for what they bought it for. I.e. $1899+.

I for one don’t need them that bad now, yet was ready to purchase (2) at the fair price until this surprised reamed me. Forget it.

Thing is, they can jack cost up, but won’t sell as many as people won’t buy in hard times of worldwide pre-inflation meltdown coming. Their major target market are shallow pockets. Only deep pockets and customers that really have to have them to survive will buy at that price. Besides Emlid of course, there is a handful here that will support the cost increase and follow along. Little more $$$, might as well go with the big dogs for serious survey work etc.

I’ll just hobble u-blox ZED-F9P (couple hundred bucks), antenna etc together now if I really need too. Youtube. There’s also another competitor on Emlid’s heals at more than half the price… not as pretty etc what Emlid offers, but some may have to sacrifice due to this bad news. Users that cannot afford RS2 will go this route instead now.

The Apple model doesn’t work for all companies no matter how successful.

The world thinks 2020 was bad? Get ready… 2021 will be the real killer.

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Hey there,

The global shortage of electronic components delayed the production and deliveries of everything from computers to bicycles. This has affected a lot of industries and manufacturers, and we are not the exception.

For much of the last 12 months, Emlid has endeavored constantly to ensure a steady supply of components for our receivers. While we have been successful in securing inventory for all of the pandemic, the worldwide shortage has caught up with us, and we experience a lack of components and production delay too.

That is why we raised Reach RS2 and M2 prices: otherwise, we wouldn’t have stock for a year.

If you have any other questions or comments on our pricing policy, you can contact us at support@emlid.com. We want our users to be briefed about all the changes, and we’d be glad to clarify all the uncertainties there.

Also, I’d like to ask you to keep communication polite and in line with our community guidelines.