Emlid Flow Survey gone!

I am currently working in the field and have VERY limited time. Currently utilizing a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro Running Emlid Flow Version 8.9 with 2 RS2+ units conducting a PPK survey.
I spent the whole day conducting one large survey and was about to post process the data and was trying to get the internet situated so everything could sync and I could access it on all devices but after doing so, my entire survey was deleted. PLEASE HELP!!! I am about in tears as I flew across the country to do one job and I feel as though the “sync” wiped my new data.

If there is anyone that can help please post here, or DM me.

I have all of the log Rinex data from the Base and Rover from my PPK survey today and was about to attempt to process it with the survey I used in Emlid Flow on Emlid Studio. For the love of god dont tell me that this SYNC deleted what I created today.

The closest thing I have found is this thread where multiple accounts were used. I dont believe I have used any other accounts on it. I am freaking out.

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Maybe try logging out and relogging back in on your device?

Maybe try the same on a pc web browser?

At least you have the logs. Don’t lose those! Maybe someone can help you.

@timd1971 I have tried logging out and back in on phone, tablet, pc and nothing seems to bring back 12 hours of work. This was my VERY FIRST survey and I was nothing but confident with the results until something outside my control screwed me
I called the help line and the tech people get in the office at 2AM my time here so I will try to fight the good fight until then and figure something out

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To get ahead of things, maybe upload the rinex files so others experienced with this can maybe help you.

Hi all. We are contacting the user by email and investigating this issue now.


So what was the outcome @merryna.anggriani ?

Can the RINEX log files from BOTH the ROVER and BASE be used to restore the measured points even if CSV file not available from Flow since Flow project possibly vaporized?

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@timd1971 Did you hear any more about this direct from Emlid?
There are a few of these similar looking loss of data threads recently, they may be not related at all but if there was multiple unexplained complete loss of data events it is very worrying! I am sure the emlid team is doing their best to rectify the issue if there is one. If there is a bug causing this it would be great to know about it, or any other cause so we can all prevent it from happening.

As a side note what is the best practice way to back up data in the field especially without internet?
I have relied on the Emlid server till now but this poor person’s thread makes me realize I should have a backup for the backup so to speak. I think this would be a very interesting discussion if there hasn’t already been one on the subject.


Hi guys,

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to recover the data in this particular case, since the version of the mobile app was too old. I also want to emphasize that we recommend sticking to the latest available app version for all our users.

The raw data logs themselves don’t allow restoring the RTK coordinates from the CSV. Still, processing the data can help you get the position track from your survey. It may be of some help to get the coordinates for the necessary points. Right now, we are in contact with Tony and help him with post-processing.

I also wanted to leave a note here that if you face any similar issues, please write to us at support@emlid.com. We will investigate your case and do what we can to help you.

Data sync should work properly now. But if you want to back up the data, you can just save the project directly to your phone while offline.