Emlid FLOW ios Missing All Projects


Running Emlid Flow v8.9 syned with Emlid Flow360 with the Survey+ package with Reach RS+ unit.

Opened our ipad today to find no projects in the project folder or any items in the recently delete folder. Logged into EmlidFlow360 and no projects are there and nothing in the recently deleted.

A few days ago we had over 15 projects saved there and we find find where our datasets are. This has worked for past few years without any issues.

When I go into the ipad storage settings it lists Emlid Flow has having 75 mb of “Documents & Data” in addition to the App Size of 123.2mb

Our survery data is mainly backed up but there are 2 files from last week that we had yet to move off the ipad, does anyon have any idea what is going on??

Help =(


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Hi Tom,

We are already in touch with you via email. Let’s continue our communication there to avoid confusion.

Hi Julia,

Just checking to see if there are any update? We are in desperate need of our dataset and are not using our Reach RS for fear we may loose more data. Any updates as to whats happened?

Hi Tom,

Yes, we’ve checked your email address in our system. As I see, you have 2 accounts assigned to it: authorized via Google and via Apple. Both of them contain projects.

Probably, the projects you’re looking for are just in a different account. Please check them both and let me know if you see the data there.

Thanks Julia.

I checked our google one (it should be related to email ) and it shows no projects from my end view. This is our correct Flow360 account. There are two test projects in the deleted items folder that we created when we first saw this issue to see if creating a project would somehow correct things.

How many projects do you see in that Flow360 account on your end?

For the Apple one it should be related to email, is that correct? Again, when I check that FLow360 account I see no projects anywhere from my viewpoint.

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There should be 2 projects in the account verified via Google and 38 projects via Apple.

Hmm, no, I see an Apple account related to the email. Can you please try to log in using Apple and this email address? Do you see the projects in it?


Thats it!!!

For some reason another unused account logged in! All the data is there thanks!

I didnt relize this chain was on the public forum as it has my email, can you delete it?

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Thanks for the update! Glad that it helped.

I replaced all the email addresses in the comments with the email note to keep the data private.

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Data organization can be a problem with multiple accounts. Maybe consider consolidation to save yourself some grief in the future. :blush:

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