Stop and Go if no CSV

I continuously log 65 minutes at RINEX using RS+ rover
I stop at 6 different points each point 10 minutes
I did not or I do not want to use my phone. So I manually register time and coordinate in a paper notes for each stop
I got complete base data from public COR obs+nav
Using Emlid Studio, How to get the correct coordinate for each point (one coordinate for every point)?

Hi @hhffaa,

You can choose the Static option and process the data related to one of the points by entering the period in Settings → Logs duration. After that, repeat this procedure for each point.

Still, for me, this workflow seems not as straightforward as Stop&Go with ReachView 3. Just wondering - why do you prefer to write down the time intervals instead of collecting points in the app?

Thank you your answer is helpful
To get one single coordinate use one best option



That’s right: One best helps to get a single solution for the whole log. It’s a default in the Static mode, but thanks for sharing! It’s helpful to know if some settings were changed.

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