Emlid Caster Beta

Hello everyone!

Today we are launching a public beta of our very own NTRIP caster, and I am inviting you to try it out. It is designed to be extremely straightforward and should make setting up RTK corrections over the Internet much more simple and accessible. The caster implements the NTRIP protocol, so it should be working not only with Reach receivers but any other NTRIP-capable devices as well.

We consider the caster to be stable and ready to be used by our community.

How to access

  1. The service is available at caster.emlid.com.

  2. You will see a simple login screen:

  3. Click the login link, and you will be prompted to log in or sign up. It is the standard login page we use for our forum, so you can simply reuse your forum account or create a new one if you wish.

  4. Once you log in, you will be issued your personal mount point. The interface will provide you with all the necessary credentials to enter in ReachView 3 or ReachView 2 for both base and rover. The mount point supports one simultaneous rover connection.

  5. You should be good to go! Here’s how my mount point looks like saved as an NTRIP profile in ReachView 3:

Known issues

Right now the caster table provides no useful information about the mount point, but we are working on improving this. ReachView’s automatic mount point scanning works, but will only show the name and might look something like this:

or this:

Never mind the nones or weird distances, they do not affect the caster’s functionality and will be fixed.


As always, we would love to hear any feedback from you guys. Don’t hesitate to report anything that seems off in this thread, including any problems with non-Emlid equipment.

We hope you enjoy using the caster, and it will help you with your day to day work.

Best regards,
Emlid team


excellent works teams



Not available for Reach rs?.

That is awesome!
Great work


Hi @erro.alfaro88!

As mentioned in the post, the caster not only supports all Reach models, but also any non-Emlid equipment with NTRIP support, which is pretty much any modern RTK received.

For example, in our tests we’ve successfully used the caster to pass corrections from a Reach base to a DJI drone.


they’re going to put some video of how this link is done between reach and a dji drone

It only supports 1 base & 1 rover? Will you be expanding it to support several rovers?


Thanks Egor.

Hi Abel,

There is a guide about DJI Phantom 4 RTK and Reach RS2 base integration. Please find it here. In the guide, we use rtk2go to establish a connection. However, the workflow with our caster is not that different.

Hey Juan,

For now it only supports one mount point with one base and one rover connected at the same time. We are looking into expanding this limitation and user feedback will be very helpful.

Once you login, there’s an link to pass a survey (the poll kind :smiley:) and help the project by answering some questions. These answers will be considered by our team working on new account limits and future features.


today I tried to connect with the rover with the mount point asifnado but I could not have fix to be able to do the work with ntrip at what point I know that is beta but until when or what is the follow-up

Hi Abel,

Did you obtain a Float solution, or you weren’t able to connect to the caster at all?

Please provide me with screenshots of your Correction input and Status tabs so that I can check if the settings are correct.

Its good thing at ALL

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I’m facing this problem

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What is the coverage area of this NTRIP? does it support VRS? sorry, I am new to RTK GPS. I can connect to the NTRIP but i do not see any corrections data in the satellite status. or is this service simply an alternative to using the LoRa radio when you are using both a base and a rover?

Hi Mohamed,

Do you have any error messages on the base unit? Would you mind sharing the screenshot?

Hi Jeffrey,

What is the coverage area of this NTRIP?

NTRIP caster doesn’t have limitations itself as it transmits corrections via the Internet. However, there is a maximum baseline for RTK. It depends on the unit you work with. Single-band receivers can obtain centimeter-accurate coordinates at distances up to 10 km while multi-band ones - up to 60 km.

does it support VRS?

At the moment, it doesn’t support VRS.

or is this service simply an alternative to using the LoRa radio when you are using both a base and a rover?

Yes, you can connect your own base and rover via our NTRIP caster. However, it can operate over longer distances than LoRa. Basically, the maximum distance for NTRIP is only limited by the maximum distance for RTK.