Getting Fix with Emlid Caster

Hi svetlana i use it and i get float correction but for the base i got only simple

Hi Ayas,

Do you work with Reach RS+ or Reach RS2? How far are the base and the rover apart?

Issues with obtaining a Fix might be related to the survey conditions. GNSS receivers require a clear sky view to calculate the precise solution. Could you share the photos of your survey area?

Thank U for your help i use rs2 both base and rover when i use lora it fix but i jast. Test ntrip and it jast gives me foat and i have anther quastion can i use rover only with ntrip if not can ntrip gives me correct coordinate for the base and thank you

Hi Ayas,

Have you tested NTRIP under the same conditions as LoRa?

Our NTRIP caster is a way to connect your own base and rover. So, you need to enter the NTRIP credentials on both devices to make it work.

hi first
i do that i follow the steps i input in both base and rover did the base take a time to fix or its fast?


You can’t obtain a fixed solution on the base unit since it transmits corrections, not receive them.

The time for getting a fixed solution on the rover depends on your environmental conditions and baseline.

If you face any difficulties, please share screenshots of the Base mode tab from the base and the Correction input tab from the rover.

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