Edge firmware and QGroundControl for Edge update

QGroundControl changelog
• OSX support
• WiFi setup menu
• Display current WiFi mode
• Get list of networks from Edge
• Add/delete networks
• Connect to client network
• Firmware Updater improvements
• OSX support
• Save user settings
• Disallow connect during update
• Fix receiving resolution
• Fix local IP determination for video streaming

Edge firmware changelog
v1.4 (2018-04-02)¶
• Fix edge name in hosts file
• Add RCIO updater module
• Install NetworkManager
• Disable some services:
• dhcpcd
• hostapd
• dnsmasq
• Rewrite interfaces file
• rcio-updater v1.0
• rcio-firmware v1.1:
• Heatbeat support
• Blinker support
• mavlink-router v1.1.1:
• Add endpoint for wmd
• acd v1.2.1:
• Fix heartbeat broadcasting
• Custom pymavlink with WiFi messages support
• wmd v2.0:
• Support of new developed library to control NetworkManager
• Possibility to connect as client
• Module for parsing config file placed in /etc/wmd
• Separate monitor that only listens to the device states and handles WiFi LED
• Change LED indication
• csd v1.2:
• Fix heartbeat broadcasting
• Store parameters of video stream at Edge
• Camera hotplug
• ACK send to GCS

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