Edge v1.4 and QGC v3.2.4-edge-2.3 releases

Hello guys!

We’re happy to announce new releases for Edge.

Image update

The new v1.4 image includes a couple of new features that ease your day-to-day work with Edge. The most prominent of those changes are:

  • Camera hotplug support
    Some of our users bumped into issues with camera stream not being restored after the camera lost physical connection and then restored later. Right now everything should be fine in this regard.

  • Wi-Fi connection to your own networks rather than being stuck at AP network created on Edge
    You can now connect to your own home network. This can drastically simplify your bench-testing in your lab or at home. Here’s the doc entry that will guide you through the setup. Right now network scanning is not supported but is being already tested and will be added in the next release.

  • LED statuses are more user-friendly now
    You can take a look at them here.

You can read the more technical changelog over here.

QGC update

QGC v3.2.4-edge-2.3 has got a lot of new features, too!

Here’s the gist:

  • New firmware upgrade tab
    Now you don’t need to download an image and reflash the device manually. Everything’s downloaded, detected and flashed automatically. The design is also very straight-forward and more robust. Here’s the detailed and updated documentation.

  • MacOS support is now official
    Everything works on MacOS the same as on other platforms

  • New WiFi setup tab
    There’s now a dedicated tab for Wi-Fi configuration where everything Wi-Fi related is configured

Bug fixes

A couple of other minor issues have been fixed as well:

  • Fix receiving resolution
  • Fix local IP determination for video streaming

Here’s the more technical changelog.

We’re waiting for your feedback!

Best regards,
Emlid team



I installed QGC for Mac.

I have the latest MacOs 10.13.4, and Edge firmware update is not working.

Edge is identified,

I click on Connect as instructed, there is a MacOs dialog requesting my autorisation,

then nothing happen… If I click again on Connect the same dialog came up.

Windows version is OK and firmware update is OK.


Hello, Marc
Thank you for reporting, I have a few questions:

  • Did you use Etcher during QGC running?
  • Did you see Initializing… info message in QGC’s text area?


Etcher is on my Mac but not running when using QGC.

No more messages in QGC window than on the screen copy.

RMK about Windows QGC: I use W10, drivers are installed. When QGC is running, there are W10 dialogs asking me to format the drive. I closed them without format but they came back…


Thanks for waiting,
It’s a bug of firmware updater on macOS

To solve this problem you should move QGC binary into a directory whose path does not contain
blank characters (such as space), for example ‘/Users/your_user/Desktop’.

We will fix the bug in the next release.

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No success on my Mac. I had a try in my desktop folder and another one with QGC at the root of the HD with the same result.



WOW. Now I just need to sell a kidney and maybe a lung to afford one. What a great product this seems to be.


Due to poor old Gopro performance, I just received a Firefly 8S (90° Fov).

Video stream did not start if camera is ON before requesting Stream. If I request video Stream first, as soon as Camera is powered, video stream is OK.

Stream is OK with video set to 1080-30fps.

Stream is also OK with Photo at 16mp (one every 5sec). There is just a short black when the photo is taken.


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