DJI phantom 4 and Emlid

Dear users that I like with the Emlid team and the DJI. You can make use of these 2 technologies, what are the accuracies that have reached in the way of work?

Phantom 4 ppk 40 meters flight altitude, error on control points in the plan and in height of 1-5 cm.

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Hi Jorge,

DJI Phantom 4 doesn’t allow integration with third-party equipment.
The only workaround with this drone is placing GCPs with 2 Reach RS+ units.

I know this isn’t that form, but few of us have recently been able to integrate the M+.

Could you teach us how to do it?

This is a video on how to do PPK on a Phantom 4 (any version) using the Reach M+ (mounted with a kit from @Brian_Christal at and EZsurv for post processing. It can be done using RTKLib as well. I hope to get a video posted in early February using RTKlib.

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Here’s another thread with some detail of working through it.

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