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(Michael Lambert) #1

I’m interested in hiring someone into my company to discuss the process of outfitting either a Phantom 4 Pro or a Yuneec H520 with Emlid GPS components and a PPK workflow. Anyone interested? I have leverage in construction drone operations to create further opportunities.

DJI phantom 4 and Emlid
(Brian Christal) #2

Hi Michael,

I’m in Texas and have the product you are looking for. I need additional testing. It’s a Reach adapter for Phantom 4 Pro. It snaps on. No drilling or gluing. These will sell for $250 when testing is finished. Let me know if you would like to order today [beta] for $100. The adapter picks up the LED flash when the camera is triggered. We also have a program to offset the picture events due to LED lag. You’ll need a Reach M+ and Tallysman antenna.

Let me know if you’re interested.


(Timmyd) #3

You can count me in on beta. I originally got a kit but the mounting was not good so I worked on redoing the mounting. I am not a pro designer so there are certainly lots of room for improvement. I am ready to do PPK with my P4P so I would love to jump in!



Hello Brian, what does your kit weigh with battery?

i assume it’s powered by external battery?

(Michael Lambert) #5

@Brian_Christal, That’s a well-designed install! I have a spare P4P so I’ll throw a buck at it. What part of Texas?

(Pvargues) #6

Hello. I’m in for beta !!!

(Brian Christal) #7

Hi Michael,

I’m in Boerne. Nice projects on your web site. If you send an email to brian.christal@gmail.com I’ll send back a PayPal invoice.



(Brian Christal) #8

Hi wsurvey,

Sorry I’m in the field this week so I don’t have my scale. It is as light as possible. The mast and crossbar are 6mm carbon fiber tube - almost no weight. The tiny ground plane and 3D printed parts are light as well. The weight is the Tallysman antenna, Reach Module and 370mah 3S battery (39g).

(Bimbodanu) #9

Hi Brian
Do you also going to sell the software/program separately?

(Brian Christal) #10

Hi Bimbodanu,

I’m am not the author of the software. The author eventually wants to sell it. For now we’re just trying to verify usefulness and work on new features. Here’s a screenshot of the time shift utility.

  1. Open an observation file
  2. Enter time offset in milliseconds
  3. All time mark events are get time added, then re-inserted in chronological order with the satellite observations.
  4. Export > filename with time appended.

It works - but much more testing needed to verify what accuracy you can get with time shifted events.


(Bimbodanu) #11

Cool, we’ll wait your reach adaptor to the final release

(Brian Christal) #12

180 grams with everything.


Cheers Brian

(Michael Lambert) #14

Looking forward to testing.

(Timmyd) #15

That makes two of us!!


Brian, Is there any way to get a copy of this event-shifting software. Can it handle negative offsets?

(Brian Christal) #17

I need to work a few things out with the author first.
Yes, It processes negative time. However I did not run the obs file through RTKPOST and compare geotags in Excel or Pix4D.

(Tyrone Miles) #18

Hello Mr. Christal,
If you would count me in as well, I have the items you mentioned in the previous message.
Thank you in advance.

Phantom 4 Pro RTK/PPK
(Michael Lambert) #19

Ok, I finally had a little bit of time the past couple of days to go through the documentation I could find for RTKLIB and I understand some of it in terms or traditional surveying, but I also had an opportunity to fly the Tuffwing P4P Reach M+, generated the events.pos file and am now stuck with what to do with my images. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas to you all and your families!

(Timmyd) #21

Here are the links to Brian’s pages for doing this in RTKLib. I am going to do 2 tut videos this week. One is using EZserve do PPK the drone flights using Brian’s kit and the second will be using RTKlib. Option 1 is way easier but it can be done in both.

I have flown multiple missions now to test Brian’s (Tuffwings) kit and it working like a champ.

Here is my most recent mission that I flew with 359 images. All 359 were accounted for in the camera events (using M+). I used 1 GCP and 1 checkpoint, and I believe this was 5cm accuracy. Very sweet setup!

Here is the Pix4D report:
2018-12-22 Snowden PPK_report.pdf (1.8 MB)