DJI M600 & Reach M+/M2 (DJI D-RTK GNSS alternative)


We would like to use a DJI Matrice 600 Pro with a Sony RX1RII and obtain RTK grade positioning (we’re looking for an alternative to the DJI D-RTK GNSS).

Is it possible to use a Reach M+/M2 with a Reach RS+/RS2 as base station and obtain the desired results?
If yes, how does everything communicate and how does the drone flight controller receive the RTK grade positioning while flying?

Thank you.

You sure can. Of the Reach products you will want the RS2/M2 package. These are the new multi-band receivers. The two will talk to each other like any typical gnss base and rover setup and a photo trigger is tied into the M2 to write the events. They use LoRa radio to communicate corrections.
I’m sure that someone else will be able to jump on here to give you more specifics about the camera connection.


We integrated a Reach M+ on a Gremsy gimbal to record PPK positions of images captured by a Sony A7R and a MicaSense Altum. We only used the M600 as a flight platform, and did not have the A3 trigger any photos or image capture. The Sony images were triggered by a Seagull trigger, and the Altum was self triggered via GPS from its DLS 2 sensor. The hot shoe from the Sony sent the PWM signals to the Reach M+ and precise image capture time was recorded. For the Altum we had to rig up a custom integration cable, but when the 6 band image stack was collected, a trigger went to the M+ to mark location. A RS+ was used as a base on known pre-surveyed locations. I am waiting to see how the M2 and RS2 work out as I would prefer to use the L1/L2 models for professional work.

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So how did the M2 and RS2 work out? Mine is on the way.

I have not ordered or received an M2/RS2 yet…we also have 1 ft of snow on the ground, so not doing much flying recently…