How to connect Reach M+ to the DJI M600 Pro

Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is any tutorial on how can I use Reach M + to connect to the DJI A3 flight controller (used on the Drone Matrice M600 Pro) in order to provide RTK coordinates for the Drone, instead of using the DJI D-RTK. If anyone has knowledge about the subject, I appreciate if you can share.

Hi Fábio!

Reach M+ can be integrated with flight controllers based on the Ardupilot software. However, the DJI A3 flight controller based on internal DJI software.

Mostly, DJI devices have a closed ecosystem, and they compatible only with proprietary DJI equipment. I’m afraid, there’s no possibility to integrate Reach M+ with DJI Matrice M600 Pro for RTK flights.

ok thanks for the answer!

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