Can't turn on Mobile data on RS2 after updating to v2.22.4

Hi, I think I have the same issue. I was using Ntrip with a SIM card with Reachview 2.22.2 with no problems. After updating to 2.22.4 I could not turn mobile data On. I changed to another SIM card and I was able to turn mobile data ON and connect to Ntrip to receive corrections but then it disconnected from internet and after some tries it connected again.

If I change to original SIM I can´t even turn mobile data ON.

If I connect to mi office WI-Fi instead of usin a SIM card it works good.

Hi @Doppler_Uav,

May I ask you to PM me the Full System report from the unit?

Could you clarify if there is any difference between these SIM cards?

Would it be possible for you to update this device to the v2.23.6 dev version and check if it helps? Dev releases are mostly needed for testing purposes and aren’t intended for real-field usage. However, this version has a fix that may resolve your issue.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva,

I´m sending you 2 Full Systems report, the two are with different SIM cards.

From the System Report I can see that SIM 1 says “Internet is available: False” and SIM 2 says: “Internet is available: True”

SIM1 was doing OK with no problems on 2.22.2 Firmware. With 2.22.4 can’t turn on Mobile Data, but if a put that SIM on a cell phone I can use and connect to the internet.

with SIM2 I can turn Mobile data On, only one time I had problems to get Internet connection with it.

If I update to v2.23.6 dev to do some tests, is it easy to go back to 2.22.4?

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Hi @Doppler_Uav,

Could you clarify whether both of these SIM cards support 3G?

Hi @tatiana.andreeva,

I called to the Sim provider and they told me that SIM supports up to 4G, and the strange thing is that it was working with firmware 2.22.2.

Sent you the Full Systems Report by PM.

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