Emlid rs2 (2019) and emlid rs2 (2020) can't connect hotspot after insert sim card


i have 2 unit emlid rs2 (2019) and emlid rs2 (2020) unit. both unit update to v 2.22.4 firmware.
2019 unit have a problem to connect hotspot after insert sim card and automatically disconnect but for 2020 unit don’t have any problem with hotspot and sim.

please help me :frowning:

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Hi Nazrin,

Have you tested both devices with the same SIM card?

May I ask you to update this device to the v2.23.6 dev version and check if it helps? Dev releases are mostly needed for testing purposes and aren’t intended for real-field usage. However, there is a fix that should resolve your issue.

You can subscribe to dev updates branch in ReachView Settings (gear-shaped button).

after update to v 2.23.6 dev, all my android device can use after insert sim but mobile data off every time connect to reachview. no internet receive after on mobile data.

Hi Nazrin,

Could you PM me the Full System report generated on the device so that I can check where the issue lies? You can do it in ReachView Settings (gear-shaped button).

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Hi Nazrin,

Have you had a chance to get the Full System report from the unit?

hi tatiana

i sent to you system report for v2.22.4 and v2.23.6_dev. thank you and sorry for the slow response.

Hi Nazrin,

Thank you! We’re looking into the reports now. Once we have any updates, I’ll write back.