Can't turn on mobile data after the update to 28.3

I too had same problem after updating to 28.3 …,.i can’t even enable the mobile data and it’s hidden icon on the reach view …,i also noticed that reach view doesn’t show the signal level of the sim but where as in the web browser it shows sim signal level.

Hi Kalai,

Can you send us the Full System report from the device to We haven’t caught this yet, so the report would greatly help to get down to this issue’s nature.

I have shared full system report to given mail please check it .and i also share here some of reach view 3 screen shots which indicates no sim signal strength shown and couldn’t turn on mobile data too.

Hi Kalai,

Thanks! We’ve received your Full System report, and we’ll check it as well. I’ll be in touch with you on the results.

I also see your point about the SIM card status indication in ReachView 3. So I’ll note it and bring it up for discussion with the team.

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@tatiana.andreeva did you reviewed my log ?..why taking so much of time to review and reply on this issue…?

Hi Kalai,

Sorry it took so long to check the report. But I’m ready to get back to you with the results now.

I see that your Reach RS2 recognizes the SIM card, but there is no Internet connection. One of the possible reasons for that is that your SIM card operator requires APN settings to provide the mobile data.

I’ve searched for the APN for the Vodafone IN. As I see, portalnmms is one of the available ones. So you can try entering it into the APN field. If it doesn’t help, please contact your cellular provider and clarify the APN settings with him.

In the meantime, what SIM card do you use? Does it support 3G or 2G? Does it require authentification?

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