Can't activate the mobile data after the update to 28.3

I have had some problem after 28.3 update, now I can’t setup Ntrip because I can’t activate the mobile data, may someone halp me?
whit 28.2 it work fine

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Hi there,

Just want to say that we received the Full System report from @l.dattola. We continue investigating this case via email, but I’ll keep this thread updated.

And small update from our investigation with @l.dattola: mobile data on Reach RS2 works well now. It’s hard to say for sure what the reason was, but most likely, it was a SIM card installation issue.

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bluetooth connection is Achilles heel in rs2 :wink:

Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

We’re already communicating with you about the Bluetooth connection issue in another thread. Let’s continue our discussion there to avoid confusion and keep all the facts in one place.

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