Beta image with ROS support for Navio boards

Hello guys!

We’re happy to announce a new beta image for Navio boards which includes a number of exciting new features

  • ROS with mavros is supported straight out of the box. Please, read this post on how to use it!
  • ArduPilot with ArduCopter 3.4.0 is now preinstalled
  • New start-up systemd scripts to make start on boot easier
  • Versioning in /etc/rpi-issue
  • A lot of minor bugfixes and improvements that you can read up on in our changelogs

We’re waiting for your feedback on this beta as it slightly changes the way you interact with Navio. Hopefully, making it easier.

We’re getting ready for incorporating a couple of new features in our final release such as Wi-Fi broadcast and Access Point modes, so stay tuned!

For those of you who don’t want to experiment with the newest stuff we offer an opportunity to upgrade to the newest ArduCopter release as usual.


We’ll be releasing a more thorough documentation on ROS during this beta test period.

For now, this is intended for people who’d like to tinker a little.

Basically that is needed to be done is

echo "source /opt/ros/indigo/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc

After that, every time you login you can use ROS.

Refer to mavros docs for further information.

Hello, is wifi broadcast you are going to ircorporate going to support mavlink 2 way communication or just video? Also, will it support ip cameras?


Hi Corrado,

Initially we plan to support only the basic functions. Feature list will be extended with time.

Ok, so just added wifibroadcast code to your distribution. Was hoping something a bit more advanced since it was hyped as the “new exciting” features.


Hello, Is this image compatibility for PX4 firmware ?

Great news! Looking forward to the final release.

Question: Is it/will it be possible to upgrade from the current image without a clean install? I have done a lot of customization and would prefer not to do it all over again.


What do you mean by PX4 firmware? This image does not change any flight stack compatibility compared to previous one.

This image requires a clean install, too many changes involved.

Question on the extent of ROS support. Does this image provide messages for each of the IO of the Navio2, such as IMU, RCIN, RCOUT etc?

I haven’t done a lot of digging yet but at first glance this looks like high level operations to be done with ROS and then communicated to ArduPilot via mavros?

It does work through ardupilot and mavros.

Closing this one. The newest beta thread is here.