Beta v2 image with ROS support for Navio boards

Hello guys,

We’d like to let you know that we updated our beta image.

Take a look at the old thread. All the changes do apply to the newest beta as well.

The newest beta mostly is an evolutionary step towards a new release:

  • ArduCopter 3.4.3-rc1 is the new default. Check out changelogs
  • Improved stability of the system

You can download the newest beta by following our docs. Check out changelogs to get a grasp what’s been done.

Please, read the welcome message once you ```ssh`` into your Raspberry Pi. It does have some interesting perks that are worth to check out!

We’re eager to hear from you!


Hello, thanks.

Does it include IR-LOCK support?


Any specific reason for switching (from MPU) magnetometer to the LSM’s one?

Hello, Corrado!

No, it does not. The reasoning behind this is quite simple: we use stable AC releases (3.4.3 ATM) which currently don’t have IRLock support.

IRlock support was added in master branch a couple of days ago as I have already shared in another thread. The stable version that will have the support will be AC-3.5.

You can use the latest binaries from build server which include IRLock support but I must warn you that flying off master branch might be dangerous.

Hello there!

The latter proved to be more stable for Navio 2. Some users also were afraid of high offsets reported by AK8963 (even though they don’t mean much), that’s why we decided to switch the default one.

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Yeah, I assumed that might be the reason. So far, I’ve tested three Navio2 boards - calibration(s) showed the “high offset (compass readings)” on each of them. However, I didn’t have time to go outside the building to repeat those tests. Anyway, I’ll try the new image and compare it to the previous one (both indoor and outdoor), and compare the readings to XSens MTi-G and (way cheaper) LSM303.

Thank you, understand, will wait on next release.


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I have tried ROS version on Navio+. The installation is straight forward from new image in scratch. I could not upgrade ArduCopter from previous image. No change of large compass offset on compass calibration.
Anyway, I appreciate effort on ROS by Emlid team.
Do you have any plan to implement MAVROS offboard control or something?

is it possible that compass #2 has about 45degrees (anticlockwise) mismatch to real orientation and compass #1 about 90degrees (anticlockwise) mismatch to real orientation in the latest beta image (20161201)?

i am using (AHRS 180yaw orientation) and also PLUS frame configuration;

i’ve been playing around multiple times now but the only thing i am really sure about is that compass #1 and #2 (or #0 #1) differ about 45degrees in my setup;
(and point into wrong directions as stated above)

AHRS is set to yaw180 and mechanically mounted as PLUS
my external compass (hmc5983 -YAW90 - mechanically mounted as PLUS) is pointing to the right according to Navio’s front (but left according to frame orientation) and pointing to the correct orientation;

Compass calibration Onboard always stops at 30%-60% (either only external or all compass activated) and live calibration does work and gives offsets which make sense - but Mission planner still reports compass not calibrated after reboot…

i used the 20160718 image - could calibrate accs and onboard compass calibr, external compass does not point in every direction correctly…but internal compass works for now;
i have a second sdcard with updated beta image and will test again tomorrow to be sure what’s really related to the beta image…

Could you please elaborate on this one?

The new beta is incompatible with old stable release. That’s why unfortunately you’ll need to tune your drone once again. The differences between releases are too vast to make a seamless upgrade.

MAVROS is preinstalled. So, I expect beta docs to be disclosed later this week or even today. They might clear up the confusion a bit.

Have you tried upgrading MP? This might be a GCS-side problem.

Don’t think so. The orientation of AK8963 hasn’t changed between releases and LSM’s has been fixed in the beta allowing to use Live Calibration in Mission Planner (even though, it’s slower and not as reliable as Onboard calibration). Both changes couldn’t mess up with the orientation. May I suggest to sudo rm /var/APM/ArduCopter.stg and calibrate from scratch?

@george.staroselskiy, thank you for the comment.
Exactly what you mentioned. I did all over again, not so hard:-)
I am looking into document for PX4 for my reference.
Appreciate it, if you prepare documents for emlid.


We’d like to share documentation for this beta release. As it’s not documentation for stable distribution yet, we won’t update right away.

Check out this branch which has all the needed instructions how to use the new beta.

They contain comprehensive entries on ROS which will help get you started!


I downloaded the beta release image and tried the tutorial in the branch. I was able to run roscore using the tmux interface as instructed. I then did the rosrun command. In another tmux window I can run rostopic list and I get a series of mavros topics. Now I have trouble - if I try the rostopic echo /mavros/imu/data command as shown in the tutorial I get nothing. Crtl-C to break an get a prompt again. Then I tried rostopic echo /mavros/state and I get an output but it does not update as it should.

Anyone else tried this image and the ROS tutorial ?


Have you connected with a GCS to ArduPilot?

Yes. It is connected via telemetry on UART. MP is working fine.I just cannot get the rostopic to echo anything useful. ROS must be running because I do get rostopic list

@george.staroselskiy Thanks to you and your team for all the hard work! :slight_smile:
Does this release also include wifibroadcast?

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Thank you for your warm words!

This beta does not but we’ll try to stick it into the next one.