Base for reach rs2 rover compatibility

Good morning. i have a stonex s9 ( trimble maxwell board) , somebody can tell me if it can be a base for a reach rs2 ? ? Sorry for my bad english

Hi Giulio,

It should work well, however, you need to set up a correction link.

This is the stonex s9

Hi @giulio_pacella1,

We communicated with you by email. Let’s continue the discussion here so it might be useful for other users.

Stonex S9 supports outputting its position in RTCM3 format. Also, it has an RS-232 port, just like Reach. So it should work fine if you connect them using a couple of external telemetry radios.

Thank you, what kind of radio ? You can say a model?

I can mount a radio loke this to the s9 ?

Hi @giulio_pacella1,

LoRa radios from different manufacturers may be partially incompatible, it’s the feature of the protocol. So I’d recommend you to connect both Reach and Stonex 9S to a couple of external telemetry radios. The main requirement is the ability to connect via RS-232 port.

By the way, we have a post about testing Reach RS+ with external radios:

It should also work fine with Reach RS2.

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