Automatic FTP push of raw data

Hi community,

I want to set the ReachRS2 so that it posts its raw data every hour to a server. Would it be possible ?
I see in ReachView how to log raw data but it has to be downloaded manually to use it. Is there a way to make an automatic FTP push of the logged raw data ?

Thank you

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Hi @Florian,

We don’t have a ready solution for such a task, however, if you’re experienced in working with Linux systems, you can ssh into reach and use rsync to get the data remotely.

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Hi @tatiana.andreeva, thanks a lot for the tip. Could you tell me more about the connection procedure ? I use SSH quite often so I expect this is something I can do.

rsync --verbose --progress --stats --archive reach@ /path/to/my/saved/logfiles

then once you are happy that it works, remove the extraneous info:
rsync --archive reach@ /path/to/my/saved/logfiles

and you also might want to tell rsync to delete the logs on reach after they are copied, but you would need to add some logic to avoid deleting a log file that was currently being written to. That switch is –remove-source-files but use it wisely. ReachView should automatically delete the oldest log file once the filesystem is full anyway (depending on your logging settings), so you really don’t have to delete them with rsync.


Great @bide, that’s clear. I’m currently struggling to instanciate the initial SSH connection. What credentials can I use ?

u: reach
p: emlidreach


Brilliant, that works fine. Thanks a lot for your nice help, appreciate it. Just noticing a file being written has a .UBX extension while a closed one has a .ZIP extension. That may be sufficient for the logic you were mentioning @bide.


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