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Hello y’all
I’m putting together a permanent NTRIP base at my office (my city doesn’t have one), and I would like to know if is possible (and the software/hardware needed) to download the RAW data at the end of the day. The catch is that I’m assembling this NTRIP base with 2 other surveyors (spliting costs), and only I have access to the office. So the workflow would be as follows:

  • NTRIP base located at the top of my office’s building, working 24/7;
  • RAW data would stop collecting at, let’s say, 23:59 and restarts at 00:00 each day, generating a RAW data file for that day;
  • The file generated throughout the day would be uploaded to a Google Drive (or something similar);
  • Everyone that has access to this Google Drive could download the data they need.

I know that I can do it manually, since I have physical access to the base, but I’m looking for a way that the other parties involved could do it from their own homes, without depending on me.

And also…

My base will be connected to my local network, could I access the base from another place? Like a remote connection from another network?


This would be awesome to have!

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Hi @rsurveyor1,

I’ve seen in another thread that you are going to work with a Reach M2 base. There are no out-of-the-box options for remote access to Reach M2 I can suggest, but I see that it can greatly simplify the work for all the parties. So, we’ll think about what we can implement to make it work :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, it’d be nice to see more details about what you plan to achieve! How many Reach units do you want to use? Do you need only the raw data logs, or would you like to download other data remotely too?

If you are ready to set a Reach RS2 base, you may use a SIM card with a static IP address. It allows to access Reach outside the local network right now. Still, anyone who knows the static IP can connect to the receiver, so please think carefully before using this option.

Hi Kseniia! There will be 2 or 3 rover (RS2) connected to the base, maximum. We’ll be using only the raw data for now.
I was wondering if the M2 works the same way that the RS+, regarding the wifi connection. Let me explain. After a surveying job, I come back to the office and power on my RS+, it connects to my local network, through wifi. I can type on my computer the IP address for the rover and gain access to all the information on the rover, since both the computer and my RS+ are connected to the same network. The M2 also works this way? If my computer and the M2 are both connected to the same network, can I access all the information on the M2?

Hi @rsurveyor1,

There will be 2 or 3 rover (RS2) connected to the base, maximum. We’ll be using only the raw data for now.

Sounds good! Thanks for sharing.

The M2 also works this way? If my computer and the M2 are both connected to the same network, can I access all the information on the M2?

Yep, you can access Reach M2 data in Reach Panel just the same way.

So a couple of quick additional ideas:

  1. if you set up a VPN server on your office network, than you or a colleague could connect to the VPN network and it would be as if the remote computer is on the office network. If your M2 permanent base is on the network, then it could be accessed remotely through the vpn using its IP address and a web browser (you would need to tell your router to always assign the M2 the same IP address). Some routers have a vpn server built in so you could check your equipment. The downside, is you do have to be mindful that you are opening a port to your office network so anyone connecting would have access to anything on your network (this is in general for small office class equipment - if you have enterprise network equipment and some IT experience you could limit this)

  2. The other approach would be to have a computer on your network that is always on and has a folder that automatically syncs to a cloud provider (Dropbox, google drive and one drive all have ways to install a small application that syncs designated folders on your computer to the cloud folder). Then on the same computer you could use a batch file with a program like WinSCP to fetch and sync the log folder on the M2 to the cloud folder on the computer using its command line functions programmed into the batch file. Tell the M2 to split the logs on say an hourly basis and schedule the batch file to run on the computer hourly. Then viola throughout the day, you’ll have the new logs loaded up to the cloud.

You will have to manually delete old logs from the M2 or it will fill it’s memory.

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That’s EXACTLY what I have in mind, you got it. I’m trying to make this task as automated as possible. How could I access the log folder on the M2? I only know how the access through the “Logging” area.

Emlid allows SSH connections to their receivers to retrieve logs. SSH is a network file transfer protocol. How to do this depends on what type of computer you are using to access the M2 over the network. I can point you in the direction to get started, but you’re going to have to do some research if you want to fully automate everything. So start by learning to connect to the unit.

user name: reach
password: emlidreach [unless you have changed it]

IP address of the M2: you can get this from the the reachview 3 app on the first page where it shows your units

from the windows command line: ssh reach@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (where the x’s are your ip address). then enter your password. then you will have to authorize the connection for the first time. Now you are connected to the M2 and can navigate using the command line. Once in you can find the file you are looking for and in a NEW command window run the SCP command to copy the file over. If you’re not familiar with these command line commands, i’d recommend using WinSCP a graphical SSH file transfer program. You’ll have to download this [free]. Then you can enter the login information into WinSCP and use it interactively. Once you are comfortable doing that, there are ways that you can create a script so that it will run all of the steps. And then you can schedule that script to run on an automatic interval.

So those are the steps. But its not something that I’ve specifically done before (I’ve ssh’d into the units to grab a file, but dont have a need to automate the process). I’ve automated other scripts before for other needs, so in the end, I know this is possible big picture, but don’t know each detailed step. If you research the programs you could step your way to the solution that you want or if you have an IT friend he/she could probably do this pretty quickly. Best of luck

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If you have access to a linux computer or are willing to install WSL on windows 10 you could look at this thread or reach out to one of the posters to see if they can help you

Automatic FTP push of raw data - Reach / Reach RS+ / RS2 / Getting started - Community Forum (emlid.com)

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YES! Something like that. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed regarding these Linux operations (although I have a PC with Ubuntu, will give a shot).
I’ve installed the WinSCP and managed to get access to the Logs directory fairly easy, just need to know how to dowload at the end of the day and send to a Dropbox or something similar. But you’ve already helped me a lot, THANK YOU, I own you a beer. Let me know when you come to Brazil.



I would also like such a solution.
Thought about setting fixed IP, but it will certainly be a target of attacks in a few minutes.

It would be a great idea if Emlid would increment an FTP access to the receiver, in Emlid Caster tool.

Downloading the raw data and configuring the receiver remotely would be a delight.

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Hi @mauricioranzan,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Each request helps us see which features matter most. Note taken :wink:

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Hello @kseniia.suzdaltseva , how are you?

That’s the cool thing about Emlid.
It listens to users, implements solutions and is flexible and modular. :raised_hands:t2:
Different from traditional brands on the market.
That is great.
Keep it up. :pray:t2:

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Hi @mauricioranzan,

I’m doing great, but it becomes even better with your kind words :relieved: Thanks a lot!

Indeed, many features we implemented were based on our users’ suggestions. Still, I believe we’ll prepare some nice surprises from time to time as well. Hope you’ll enjoy them :grinning:


Hello @kseniia.suzdaltseva
How are you?

Surprises are always welcome.
Even more those that make life easier for us.
And I know Emlid is good at this.
I’m looking forward to news.

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