RS2 whit SSH

Folowing Automatic FTP push of raw data - #9 by Florian

  • The connection with SSH and putty is no more working with last firmware 31.8
    Failed with:
    u: reach
    p: emlidreach


u: root
p: emlidreach

I need also to have root acces:
u: root
p: ?

Hi @FrTmu,

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I need also to have root access:

We don’t provide root access to Reach devices. You can read about why here.

Can you tell me more about your workflow? Why do you need to connect using SSH? Maybe we can suggest an alternative method or workaround.

I want to access by ssh as root, i want to add embeded some local and remote tools, this avoid to add external devises as arduino, raspberry or other SOM to make POC

Root access is closed for our users. If you change anything in Reach software, it can be hard to predict the Reach device’s performance. In this case, it’ll be challenging to determine what things you’re running on Reach may affect its operation.

However, we provide some features as Reach user: the ability to remove and rename logs (available on 32 Beta 1 firmware version), for example.

UPD 5/02/2024. I added that the ability to remove and rename the logs is currently available only on the Beta version.

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We have no rigth to remove and rename logs:

reach@Rs2Fwt01 :: ~ $ ls -l
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Mar 9 2018 logs → /data/logs

reach@Rs2Fwt01 :: ~ $ cd /data/logs
reach@Rs2Fwt01 :: /data/logs $ ls -l
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 3453897 Mar 1 16:17

reach@Rs2Fwt01 :: /data/logs $ rm
rm: remove write-protected regular file ‘’? y
rm: cannot remove ‘’: Permission denied

Thank you for checking! I forgot to mention that this feature is available on the 32 Beta 1 version. You will be able to remove and rename files after updating to it. Ultimately, this feature will be available in a stable version as well.

I also charged my previous answers so as not to confuse anyone.