Autel and Local NTRIP Caster feature

Maybe we’ve seen each other on the autelpilots forum… Evo II Enterprise with RTK here.

HI, I’m also Just keeping the topic open. I have the same connection issues with my EVO II pro RTK to the RS2 with local NTRIP.

Hi guys,

I understand your concern, but I just want to outline that we remember this issue and are highly interested in resolving this. This is the issue we can’t solve on our own as it involves 3rd-party hardware. That’s why we’re in touch with Autel support regarding this.

All news will be posted here even if the topic happens to be closed.


I hope Autel/Emlid can get this figured out, I currently have the EVO II Pro and would be interested in getting a EVO II Pro RTK in the hopes of setting out a few less GCP’s when mapping.

With the new 29 beta 3 now connects to Autel Evo II Pro RTK


That’s awesome news, David! :tada:

We’ve added support for NTRIP v2 in this version, which did the trick. Thank you for testing!

Hope it now works for everyone in this thread. Looking for your feedback, guys.


Can confirm. Have not flown with it yet, but it now hooks right up!

Well done, Emlid!


I’m happy to hear that! Thanks for checking!

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Hi Svetlana,
I confirm that the connection works, tomorrow I will do a test. A thousand thanks

Ciao Svetlana,
Confermo che la connessione funziona, domani farò un test. Grazie mille

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Here is the confirmation


Great news !!! A soon as i can i’ll try !!!
This is why i love EMLID ! the awesome support !


Hi Antonio, Lucas,

Your kind words warm my heart! Thank you a lot.


But this is great!
It was time, thanks Emlid.
Hoping to please, I would like to advertise the telegram group dedicated to Autel users for photogrammetry. The group is in Italian but you can write in any language, preferably English, and if we grow up it will become the official language.
If you want to subscribe, the link is the following.